Three Hacks That Will Have You Saying, “This Homeownership Thing Is Easy”

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The thought of having your own space and freedom can be attractive, especially if you grew up in a fairly tight household that you have to share with your family. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with sharing, but it would have been nicer if you had a place in the house that was yours and yours alone.

Privacy is something that many adolescents crave as they were growing up, so, normally, they would grab the first opportunity that comes their way if it means they get to live on their own. Or at the very least, have a particular area that they could claim as their personal space.

That’s why a lot of young adults aim to become homeowners as soon as they achieve financial stability. The house doesn’t have to be big or without flaws, as long as it’s theirs, even a studio unit could look like a mansion in their eyes. But with all the excitement and anticipation of having their own home, they could be overlooking one important factor: they would have to manage the entire place on their own.

Household management and maintenance can be overwhelming at first because all the responsibilities that come with will fall on your shoulders, but the good this is that there’s a learning curve. The more time and effort you spend performing all these tasks, the easier they become.

Don’t miss out on your chance to have your freedom and privacy just because you’re scared of the responsibilities that you will have to assume. To help you get started on the right path, here are three maintenance hacks that will have you saying, “this homeownership thing is easy” after a few weeks:

1. Treat Home Services as Your Best Friends

Home services exist for a reason: to help homeowners out when they need an extra hand. You can take advantage of this by finding dependable home service professionals that you can rely on when you need help to maintain your house. Of course, their service will come at a price, but sometimes, it’s necessary.

For instance, your house came with a carpet already installed because the previous owner wanted better insulation. And since it’s still in good condition, you decided to keep it instead of having to replace the whole thing. However, you’ve been in the house for a few months and the air is starting to feel stuffy.

The culprit could be hiding somewhere in between the fibers of your carpet, but you don’t know because it’s invisible to the human eye and no amount of vacuuming can get it out. When this happens, what you can do is to call a professional carpet cleaning service to do all the hard work for you.

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2. Practice the “First In, First Out” Mindset

As a homeowner, it should be common sense for you to consume your goods in the order that you bought them because not doing so can lead to unnecessary food waste. An example of this is if you buy perishables and stock them inside your refrigerator. And then you forget, so you buy them again and do the same thing.

When the time comes and you’re finally preparing food, you might grab the first thing you see, which of course, would be the newest ones because they’re in the front. What this does is leave the first thing that went into your fridge to be forgotten so long that it’s already spoiled by the time you remember it.

However, by practicing the “first in, first out” mindset, you can prevent yourself from wasting your hard-earned money on spoiled food. This will apply not only to your perishables and frozen goods, but also to your pantry essentials, cupboard stocks, or other food items that you have around the kitchen.

3. You Can Never Go Wrong with a Budget

Lastly, as a new homeowner, what you should never do is be reckless about how you spend your money because this is a slippery slope that you won’t want to be on. Learn how to track your monthly expenses and budget your salary from the get-go so you won’t need to break any unhealthy spending habits.

A tried-and-tested budgeting hack is the 50-30-20 rule, in which you’re going to divide your money based on three categories: needs, wants, and savings, respectively. By immediately setting aside 50% of your salary once you receive it, you won’t have to worry about paying your mortgage, house bills, or food.

Then 30% of your money will go into your wants, which could be anything your heart desires. Finally, 20% of your money will go into your savings, which can be used to build your emergency fund or to pay for any sudden expenses that you have no way of preparing for. This way, at least you’ll have spare money all the time.

By nailing these three hacks on the head, you can easily become a pro at this homeownership thing and even have time to spare. This may take some getting used to, but once you figure out how to juggle all your responsibilities simultaneously, no one will be able to say that you weren’t born to become a homeowner.


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