Planning on Decluttering? 4 Common Mistakes Homeowners Tend to Make

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Decluttering is both a joy and a burden. A lot of people see it as a way to reset their lives and mark new beginnings, while others treat it as a necessary task to lighten the load of redecorating or relocating. Regardless of your reason, you’ll find that decluttering is always a tricky job. You may start out with a grim determination to minimize your possessions, only to discover that letting go of them is harder than you expected. That, or you’re letting go of the wrong stuff.

If you want to make your next decluttering more fruitful and lasting, make sure that you steer clear of the mistakes that have hounded your previous attempts. There are four common mistakes, in particular, that are sure to waste your time and effort if you don’t manage to dodge them.

Organizing First

This might be the most common of the five mistakes mentioned here since a lot of homeowners can’t seem to resist the urge to organize before they declutter.  They make attempts to squeeze items into shelves and fit one last knick-knack in overflowing drawers before they bring out the garbage bag. The end result? A halfhearted decluttering that doesn’t really solve your problem.

Refrain from buying new boxes and storage containers until after the clutter has been packed and thrown away. Otherwise, you’re just giving them an excuse to stay in your house for much longer. You’ll also save more money this way since decluttering will clear up much-needed space for things you actually use and need. This warrants fewer containers and spares you from giving up living space that could be used for better purposes.

No Exit Strategy

If you’re a recovering hoarder, then this mistake is something you really want to avoid. People who let their clutter sit in their homes for too long usually end up bringing them back in. You’ll feel that sentimental tug to check these possessions for the last time, and somehow you’ll come up with a way to justify keeping them.

The answer is to plan your exit strategy early. Look for reputable contractors in London who can collect and dispose of your waste as soon as possible. There are professional house clearance services that you can rely on to remove the clutter of varying amounts. Depending on their specific services, you might be able to get them to clear out an entire room of unused belongings that include furniture and appliances, among others. The advantage of going this route is that accredited companies will divert your waste from landfills, which prevents your decluttering effort from harming the environment.

Just in Case


You use this phrase often when you’re decluttering. After all, there are items that you might be able to use someday, and you’ll want to keep them just in case.

The reality is that the things you keep due to this reason are unlikely to be useful in the future. Often, you either forget about them or newer products appeal to your tastes better. The next time you feel like sparing something in the hopes that they will prove vital to you a year from now, pause and reflect. Be as honest with yourself as possible, and if you think that the chances are indeed slim, chuck them out. This is a decision you’ll rarely regret, and if you do, then remember that you can always buy a new one anyway.

Seller’s High

Decluttering is difficult for a lot of people because they’re reminded of the money they spent on each item. In an attempt to minimize their guilt or find a silver lining, they get caught up in selling their things. While there’s nothing wrong with trying to recoup your money, it can get in the way of meaningful decluttering. Why? Simply because it’s impossible to earn back the amount you spent, and even making half the original value of your pre-loved items can be time-consuming.

Focus instead on throwing away the smaller, less valuable items, and try to sell only the more costly ones. This could be gadgets, appliances, and branded things. Make sure not to charge too much for them, and consider this a lesson on being a more intentional shopper.

You’ll make mistakes, and it will probably take more than one try to get the results you want. Regardless, doing your best to avoid these mistakes will significantly improve your chances of success. You’ll be pleased to realize that, after several weekends sorting your stuff and throwing away your clutter, you can enjoy a tidier and healthier home than you ever expected.


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