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Light blue modern bathroom interior with glass door shower and white cabinet with mirror

Bathrooms look small, but you will have a lot of work to do when you renovate the space. In Utah, bathroom remodeling will already keep your hands full. You have to think of the tiles, the layout, the colors, the fixtures, the sink, and many other details. The discussion below will help you decide whether to install a shower or a bathtub.

Questions to Ask

The simple choice between a shower and a bathtub can make your head spin. Showers take up less space, but tubs allow you to lounge around and relax while taking a bath. Your choice will also be the main feature of the bathroom; it will dictate the layout of the space and the color and style of other fixtures. Before you finally decide, you have to ask yourself several questions.

How Much Is Your Budget?

When it comes to savings, a bathtub can make you spend less. Tubs can cost around $400 to $8,000, while showers from $450 to $10,000. A $4,500 whirlpool bathtub is already equivalent to a $6,000 walk-in shower.

Do You Plan to Sell Your House?

Aside from savings, bathtubs also work best when it comes to resale value. Experts say that families with small children want at least one tub in a house. If you have two bathrooms in your home, you can choose one bathroom to have a bathtub while the other has a shower. Alternatively, you can have tub plumbing hidden behind a wall or visibly seen so that a buyer can easily install a tub.

How Much Space Do You Have?

Of course, showers fit better in small bathrooms. A shower can take up as little as 12 square feet of floor space, compared to the 15 square feet for a tub. This example considers an average 40-square-feet bathroom. The difference might be small, but you will feel less cramped.

Do You Have Old or Disabled Loved Ones?

Nonetheless, even with a large bathroom, you can still splurge on a top-of-the-line walk-in shower. Large, open showers also give aid to people in wheelchairs and the elderly. Such people have an easier time going inside a shower than stepping over the edge of a tub. If your grandparents or parents live with you, a shower will be the best choice.

What’s Already There?

bathroom in white and printed tiles

For the final deal breaker, you can look at what your bathroom already has. When you have two bathrooms, you can choose a shower in one and a tub in the other. When you only have one bathroom or your home is only temporary, a bathtub will be perfect. When you already live in your dream home, you can choose whatever your heart desires.

The final question will already take into account your family arrangement, energy efficiency, personal taste, and resale value, making your choice clear. Even with that, you can base your decision on the other questions. As long as you end up with a bathroom that you love, what will stop you from choosing a shower or a bathroom? Once you have decided, your renovation will become much easier.


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