Preparing Your Home for Spring

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Window cleaner using a squeegee to wash a window

Preparing your home for spring can be done even if we’re in the middle of winter. It’s always good to plan so you’ll cover all contingencies in the plan. So, it’s never too early to prepare your home for spring.

Here are some things you can consider when you’re planning to make your home look good for spring:

Clean the Windows

Hanging out near the windows with a mug of hot chocolate might have been a great thing to do during winter. While it’s nice to look at the frost on the windows during winter, it can damage your window and cause the wood to discolor. You can stop this from happening, but it’s still important for you to clean the windows once spring comes.

Cleaning the windows can include putting a fresh coat of varnish to cover any discoloration that happened during winter. When your windows look fresh and clean, it will make your home look nicer than it used to be during winter. It will also allow more light to go into your home and make the interior look brighter.

Take Care of the Lawn

Aside from the windows, the lawn is also very much affected during winter. While you might have shoveled the snow off yourself or hired a professional snow removal service, the lawn might still need some work to make it look as good as new for spring.

The first thing to do is to rake off any leaves or branches that might have stayed hidden under the snow during winter. You can put these organic materials into a compost pit. Then, you should use a soil conditioner to bring back the lushness of the lawn. You can also reseed areas that were damaged or are already bare due to winter.

green lawn

Clear the Gutter and Downspouts

The gutter and downspout should also be checked. If the gutter and downspout aren’t clean, it will stick out like a sore thumb even if the rest of the house is spotless. Additionally, clearing the gutter and downspout also saves you the cost of cleaning up flooding issues when spring rain comes falling.

Clearing the gutter and downspouts is easy if the debris is dry. You can clean it using a hand rake and a hose. You can also use a plumber’s snake to unclog the downspout and remove any debris stuck inside. What’s more, any organic material you take out, like leaves or branches, can also be used in your compost pit and make the soil around your home richer.

Repair the Roof

Winter might have affected different parts of the house. One of these places is the roof. Once spring starts to come in, you should make sure to check the roof for any damage. And since you’re already up on the roof, you should also clear any debris you find up there.

It’s always advisable to repair any minor roof damage to avoid costly overhauls in the future. Treating the roof removes moss and any other unwanted growth from your roof. Just make sure to follow proper safety procedures while using the chemicals. You can also hire a professional to do it for you.

Bring Fresh Flowers Inside

There’s nothing more refreshing than the smell of fresh flowers in the morning. With this, you can bring some potted plants into your house and use them as decoration. Aside from smelling good, it also gives your home a refreshing look.

You can mix the types of plants to bring inside the house and put the flowers in nice-looking vases. Just make sure to take care of the plants and replace the flowers that have already wilted.

Spring brings new beginnings and a fresh outlook on life. To soak up the freshness of spring, you should also make sure your home is prepared for this new season right after winter.


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