Primary Design Components of Your Kitchen

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In the past, few people paid attention to their kitchen’s design and primarily focused on its functionality. Nowadays, however, they appreciate that the look of your kitchen has an impact on the motivation you have for your meals’ preparation. Getting the best design for your kitchen is thus essential to ensure the best atmosphere to motivate the preparation of mouth-watering meals. Moreover, kitchens are no longer hidden rooms in your home but are now also used for entertainment and exuding the best look is essential.

Kitchen cabinets are among the essential elements of your overall kitchen design since they will occupy a large portion of the room. When coordinating the kitchen cabinets — along with other components in your kitchen — Salt Lake City experts note that you cannot afford to simply include what looks good and fits your budget. Here are the design elements to base your choices on to guarantee an exceptional kitchen look.


You should focus on two types of space in your kitchen. These are the negative and positive spaces. The positive space denotes the one containing objects while the negative space is the empty or open one. Aim to balance the negative and positive spaces to generate the right feeling in your area. Excess negative space will make your kitchen look too relaxed while too much positive space will make the room look stark, crowded, and unappealing.


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This marks the basic unit of shape and form and will guide your eye when it moves along surfaces. All objects in your kitchen and its architectural shape should contribute to the unity, a contrast of line and harmony of your kitchen. Your use of line will also contribute to the emotional impact of the kitchen. Horizontal lines will create a restful and calm look while repeated vertical lines generate a formal and dignified look while adding to the visual height of your kitchen. Large curved lines exude relaxation and joy while small ones exude energy and excitement.


This will appeal to people’s emotions and set the mood of your kitchen, depending on the way it reflects light. Neutral hues are ideal for those looking for a comfortable and calming kitchen while bright and bold ones make the room exciting. White marks the most popular color for the kitchen since it reflects maximum light and makes the kitchen look bright, airy, clean, and large.


You should include implied and tactile texture in your kitchen. Tactile texture denotes what people will feel when they touch objects in the space while implied texture indicates the visual quality of your kitchen. Coarse and rough texture generates a rugged and sturdy look of your space while smooth ones exude an elegant and formal look. Use the finishes of your kitchen cabinets and countertops to add the intended texture to your kitchen.

Kitchens are the hub of your home and can be used to reflect the overall personality of your family. Putting together your dream kitchen based on the above elements is nowadays inexpensive. With the right store, you can pick cabinets and countertops that form the basis of your kitchen design at astonishingly low prices. You will also have a wide variety to suit all tastes.


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