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Home with Fences

Homes are supposed to be safe places for you and your family. However, today’s world of smartphones and security cameras makes it hard to maintain your privacy even when you are at home. Plus, it does not help that some houses are too open in their design, letting other people see directly into your living room. If you want to maintain your privacy in the digital age, here are a few options that you can pursue:

Build a Fence

The simplest option is also the most restrictive. Most fences that can protect your privacy don’t work well in the suburbs because they are often too tall. If you had a large property, then barriers can be a good option. You can limit the fences to the back and the sides of your home. Talk with your neighbors before putting down the stakes of your wall; they will need to be consulted on what sort of fence they want since the other side is technically their property,

Plant Some Greenery

The more friendly way to protect your privacy is to have some plants blocking the sight of people. Strategically plant some trees and shrubs, and you can cover your front yard. Evergreens are a popular choice since they stay that way all-year-round. Additionally, trees with heavy leaf cover are preferred to block the sight of people to the second floor of your house. Besides trees and shrubs, you can use vines on a trellis or an iron fence to add some coverage to your activities.

Window Coverings

Windows are beautiful and let you look out at everyone passing by. However, a transparent window also allows people to see you back. Consider applying a colored window film to your windows to ensure that no one can see into your home. It also has the advantage of helping with too much bright natural light. There are various levels of film available so you can be picky about the sort of effect you want on your privacy.

Have a Yard

home with a yard

If you haven’t built your house yet, then you might even think about adding a courtyard to your home. Patios allow for people to see a bit of the house but not everything. High walls and narrow entrances will limit curious eyes while also presenting you with a chance to show off. Have a fountain built in your courtyard to impress the guests. Work with local building code to see if you can create a yard for your house. If it is not possible, then you can design a home so that only the entrance of the house can be seen from the street.

Strategic Window Positioning

Another thing that you can do while in the planning phase for your house. Many houses nowadays have wide-open windows that allow anyone to look in. You can place your windows where they are a bit offset or higher than usual. This will ensure that it is difficult to peek into them.

Privacy is a right, and you and your family deserve a space where you can be yourselves. With the tips above, you can protect your privacy. If you follow them, then you can be sure that the prying eyes of outsiders won’t see much into your home life.


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