Quick Cleaning Checklist for A Last Minute Home Showing

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Preparing your residential property for showings is already difficult enough as it is, but it’s even more inconvenient if you’re still residing in that home. Selling your home while you’re still living in it can present some unique challenges, particularly if your realtor is fond of staging last-minute home showings while expecting you to be ready for it.

If you find yourself continuously having to clean up your home for showings at the eleventh hour, here’s a handy checklist you can use to expedite the process.

Keep furniture to a minimum.

The more furniture you have, the more difficult it will be to tidy up your space. Only keep enough furniture and decor to make the home feel comfortable and lived-in, but not so much that it starts to look cluttered and makes it difficult to clean.

Decorate with nature.

Potted plants and shrubbery can make your space look fresh and energized, and can also help with purifying the air and eliminating certain bad odors from your home.

Don’t forget about your home’s exteriors. Potential buyers will consider every aspect of your home, not just the indoors. Make sure the home’s exteriors look just as great as its interiors.

Invest in cleaning equipment.

Certain cleaning tools and equipment can make the cleaning process much easier — for example, an autonomous robot vacuum cleaner or an automated toilet bowl cleaner. Investing in these items is worth it if it will take the pressure off of you and speed up the cleaning process.

Wipe down your reflective surfaces.

Mirrored surfaces can easily reveal dust, grime, and fingerprints. Wipe them down with a cleaning spray and a cloth to keep them sparkling clean.

Remove dust on the most visible surfaces only.

Your guests will most likely not look behind a painting or above a high cabinet, so prioritize dusting and vacuuming only the most visible surfaces such as the tops of tables and the general floor area.

Make your bed as soon as you wake up.


Get into the habit of making your bed as soon as you wake up if it’s not already part of your routine. This ensures that you have one less thing to worry about in the event of a surprise showing.

Invest in multiple storage solutions.

Purchase multiple storage bins that you can hide under your bed or in your closet so you can quickly and easily store away any clutter.

Put down the toilet seat.

You should always make sure you have a clean toilet bowl. Putting down the toilet seat is an extra measure to make sure nothing indecent is in view. A closed toilet is also more classy in appearance.

Wash your dishes and store them away.

Dirty dishes in the sink are a huge turn-off for potential buyers. If there’s anything in your kitchen that you should prioritize when doing a quick cleaning before a last-minute showing, it’s your dishes.

Take out the garbage.

Don’t forget to take out the garbage in each room to ensure that there aren’t any lingering foul smells and unattractive litter lying around.

Preparing your home for a last-minute showing can be extremely stressful, but it’s not something you can’t handle. This handy guide will help you make the process much quicker and hassle-free.


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