Secret Rooms? Three Reasons Worth Considering Before You Create One

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Secret rooms are as fascinating as they are chilling. Your first encounter with it is probably through a spy movie that made you want one as a child. Hopefully, you’re not among the unlucky homeowners who discovered crawl spaces and hidden passages leading to unknown rooms in your new pad. If you’ve seen horrific compilations of those on the internet, then you have your confirmation that a secret room is not only a century-old idea but one that’s still in use today.

On a less horrific note, you’ll be glad to know that modern ones are being installed in many houses to serve different functions. Some want it simply because it’s cool, while others do it to add value to their homes. Regardless of your reason, adding a secret room is not a small thing. You’ll want to make sure you’re spending your money for a worthwhile renovation.

Optimal Space

A secret room doesn’t need to be as big as your kitchen or patio but expect that it will consume a considerable amount of space. If you think you can decide where to put it, think again. The intricacies of building one may affect your house’s entire structure, and you may need to redecorate its immediate vicinity to help conceal it. There are special methods engineers use to ensure that a secret room remains ‘secret,’ and for it to work, you may have to change your paint, wallpaper, flooring, layout, and decor.

Your contractor will also have to check whether it’s a suitable living space, regardless if you’re thinking of making it functional or simply using it for emergencies. Think climate control and security measures to ensure that no one runs out of air or gets locked in accidentally.

There’s a chance that your home may not be designed in a way that caters to this purpose. Should that be the case, then you can always consider your attic or basement. Look for a basement contractor to check whether yours is in good condition. Before you can think of secret rooms, you have to make sure that your basement is sound enough for some major construction. You could even prioritize its remodeling to see if you can transform the space outside the secret room into something livable.

Other Functions

What’s the specific function of your secret room? It’s important to know right away why you’re having one installed in your house. Contrary to popular belief, secret rooms are the same as panic rooms, nor is it primarily an alternative to one. You can make it a sub-function, of course, which is likely the option most homeowners go for. However, it might eventually be just a waste of space if you end up just using it for emergencies.

To give you an idea, some homeowners install one to create a quiet place where they’re less likely to be disturbed. Others want their wine collection to remain in a more controlled environment, and there are those who want to keep a storage space that’s not available for scrutiny.

Whatever you go for, make sure that it’s truly functional. Secret rooms are investments, and you should use them for practical reasons even just within the family. Otherwise, you may end up forgetting it even exists and fail to maintain it.

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Family Rules

To be effective, there has to be rules in using a secret room. Unless you don’t plan on telling your children about it altogether, then you must all agree with how and when it’s acceptable to use it. If everybody goes around showing their friends this room, then it loses its purpose. This is especially true if you aim to use your secret room for emergency purposes as well.

Who is allowed in it? How do you inform the rest of the family that the room is occupied? More importantly, how do you use it for survival purposes? These things must be discussed in detail among the family members or else risk losing the advantage of having one.

It’s a Responsibility

A secret room is a responsibility that everyone who lives in your house must carry. Consider whether it will serve its purpose and if it’s a luxury you can afford. Should the answer be yes, and you might find yourself living out your spy movie dreams as well as increasing the value of your home.


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