Shade for Your Home: 8 Kinds You Should Know About

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Plantation style elegant shutters window treatment for stylish home

Sunlight has a special way of brightening the moods of people, but too much of it can also wear you down. Inside the house or in other establishments, too much exposure can make strain your eyesight so the use of shades is appropriate. Getting one can also help cool down the surroundings a bit.

The Common Types of Shades

  1. Most home patios and gardens use patio umbrellas. These protect homeowners and guests from sunlight. It creates a homey vibe even outside the house. Patio umbrellas are not permanent shades, but good enough for this setting. The maintenance is minimal and you can pack it at the end of the summer.
  2. If you want something permanent, go for traditional awnings, which can create a greater curb appeal. Awnings are made of canvas. Its metal frame is attached to the house and placed above the windows. It can also be used for large patios.
  3. If you’re looking for something temporary, you can use retractable awnings for your Boston home if you want. These can be operated manually or electrically. What’s nice about this kind of awning is you can put it away when not needed. This way, it won’t block the sunlight all the time, particularly when you need some heat during winter.
  4. Another kind of outdoor shade is the sun sail. It’s a beautiful work of art since it imitates the look of a ship’s sail. It can protect your garden from too much sunlight, but it’s safe enough for the plants. This can be expensive since it needs some installation work, although there are homemade versions of this type.
  5. Interior blinds can help protect the house from too much sunlight, but it’s not the best kind there is. Most interior blinds can’t protect the house from too much heat. What interior blinds do best is giving some privacy from nosy neighbors.
  6. An older type of awnings is called hood and solid aluminum awnings. These are popular between the 1920s and 1970s. This might draw you back, but think about how it can protect you and the house against the sun. They can also withstand strong winds.
  7. A Bahama or Bermuda shade is a kind of shutter that can be tilted upwards. It’s reminiscent of a piano from afar. This shade works as a protection from the sun. It also works as a shield against flying debris in hurricane season.
  8. The last one in the list is the exterior rolling shutter, which is made of a metal called “gates.” These gates will roll down and cover the window so they’re much like a security rolling shutters. It will cover the windows that no small amount of sunlight can creep in. It can also protect glass windows during strong winds.

Dutch wooden house's windows with awningsThese shades offer different advantages for your different needs. Mostly, they can protect you from sunlight, but there are occasions when some of the shades can also protect you from disaster. Buy the type you need and have it installed by a professional except for the patio umbrella which you install yourself.


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