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Worker health, site safety and security are three of the most critical aspects that every construction site should follow strictly. These three are still among the areas that most contractors ignore, especially when setting up the construction site. And, that begs the questions:

Is there a standard way of setting up construction sites? Are there any regulations in the UK that contractors should follow as pertains this subject? Is it only about getting the right fire safety signs and using appropriate PPE? What exactly should site setup and safety encompass? How comprehensive should that be and who is responsible for it?

Site setup, the standard way

There are many aspects of site safety that construction industry leaders and advisors recommend you follow for standard site setup. Your primary goal here is to ensure you pass the site audit in how well you have set up your site offices. That should entail installing the required physical elements of site setup besides getting all the necessary paperwork in order. Yes, this latter matter is of prime importance, first, for regulation compliance, and, second, for recording all the site setup procedures to follow.

Regulations to follow

Yes, most times, you have little time to complete setting up the site ready for the construction process. That needs you to have mastered all the critical aspects of a comprehensive. There is temporary protection to erect, appropriate workwear to buy, and recommended site lighting to install. And, that could have you rush the site setup process that you get a couple of the elements wrong. So, most importantly, do not hurry the site setup process.

It is best if you would instead outsource the services if you are on a tight budget and timelines. With such an arrangement, you will have site setup professionals complete the setup process. That will save you worrying whether you have met legal regulations in setting up your site ready for construction.

Who is responsible?

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Ideally, you are fully responsible for all the site setup and maintaining it throughout your construction period. Therefore, even when outsourcing site setup services, remember to have a signed agreement outlining who to shoulder liabilities that may come up. Do not leave any chance to open transactions.

Conclusion: How comprehensive can site setup be?

There are numerous ways that you can follow to achieve comprehensive site setup and safety. And, well, you could have the temptation of taking shortcuts to save on money. But, that will end up you not meeting the minimum requirements to bring your construction site up to the UK’s building industry’s safety standards. Get your fore safety signs right. Display detailed and legible information on site safety in areas where all site workers and visitors alike can see with ease. Moreover, to cover potential accidents, general construction law in the UK requires that you have enough and place first aid kits and fire extinguishers strategically in your site. And, remember to include an accident book in your site setup plan.

You are right. That would seem much to handle together with other legal construction regulations. But, instead of ignoring these requirements, outsource the site setup services from a recognized and reputable firm. That way, you will have the setup in the least possible time and meeting all legal requirements for safety.


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