Spring Cleaning Checklist: What You Must Go Over

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Spring cleaning is the tradition upheld by most families every year. Every springtime, families go out of their way to clean, scrub, and polish every little corner of their homes. If left untreated, homes can spiral into degradation and dilapidation. Due to the longer days most people experience over the springtime, it was customary to spend the longer daytime hours in productivity. Hence, the concept of Spring Cleaning was born.

Every home must undergo spring cleaning. Aside from the actual cleaning that you will do, it will be a chance to inspect every part of the house to repair and do maintenance work. If left unattended, there may come a time that an essential part of the house gets damaged and broken during a critical time.

However, it is a reality that home repairs and maintenance work are best done during the holidays. Due to everyone’s busy schedules, home repair may be the last thing on anyone’s mind. Fortunately or unfortunately, since the COVID-19 pandemic made everyone take extended holidays, the time is ripe to step back and repair parts of your home. Now that we are halfway through winter, planning on what to revisit and potentially repair is both practical and economical. Doing the repairs as early as possible will be even more prudent.

Which essential parts of the home should you revisit and inspect for spring cleaning?

Roof Gutters

Roof gutters are what always comes to mind when talking about spring cleaning. The rooftops are what completes a house. Without any roof, there is literally no home to talk about. Cleaning the roof gutters is important to maintain your rooftops properly. Every day, rain or shine, rooftops of almost every home around the world accumulate dust, debris, and other natural dirt that blocks water passageways. Not cleaning your gutters and freeing them of the clutter will likely cause the destruction and degradation of your roof. If the spillways get blocked, rainwater and snow can accumulate easily.

The roof might eventually give and cave if enough water or snow are left unchecked and not spilled. Accumulated and stagnating water is also a breeding ground for mosquitoes and other disease-bearing insects. Cleaning your gutters of debris will ensure the free flow of water down the street drain whenever it rains or snows.

Climate Control System

Getting your home air conditioning and other climate control systems in tip-top shape is crucial. One of the most overlooked home elements is the air conditioning system and/or heating devices. The climate control systems can become so ingrained in your daily living that people tend to take them for granted.

Giving a pass over them and having them checked at is critical to maintaining the insides of your house — warm or cool, depending on the season. Clean out your furnace or chimney from creatures that may have taken shelter inside them. Have them checked regularly with service members to prevent unwanted emergencies when you need them the most. Get them ready for the harsher seasons to come.

Emergency Alarm Systems

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Emergency systems installed inside your home are silent protectors you are inclined to overlook most of the time. Systems such as fire alarms, carbon monoxide detectors, and lock security systems are usually snubbed every day of the year. They monitor your everyday life against unseen threats that could be creeping inside your home. You should be thankful that these systems are not trying to get your attention.

However, because they are mostly unnoticed, you might not observe that they are already dilapidated or needing care. Monitor and, if necessary, replace their batteries with better ones at least twice a year. Clean out the devices themselves and keep them free from any cover and dirt that may disrupt the sounds that they make when the time comes. Make sure that they are working properly by conducting random testing of the alarms every once in a while.

Bathroom Piping

Often disregarded during spring cleaning season are the bathroom and its wastewater piping. Due to the changes in season, many elements can destroy or block the pipes underneath your home. Snow can form and create small cracks inside the pipes, particularly if the pipes are made of plastic. Faulty drainage can also fall victim to rust. Call a plumber and have your pipes checked during their offseason to preserve your home and prevent wastewater flooding.

There are many things you can include in your own checklist. The abovementioned, however, are a few that must top your list. Prevent further inconvenience by attending to them right away.


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