Spruce up Your Bedroom Before the Year Ends

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After being locked up in your home for so long due to the pandemic, you may feel sick of seeing the same bedroom over and over again. You may have started buying various home decor, but they only add to the clutter and nothing more. Something just doesn’t feel right, and it’s getting to you. Or maybe you were inspired by home renovation videos on social media and felt like updating your room to keep up with the times?

Maybe the solution is not just hanging a new wall tapestry or putting an intricate vase somewhere. Don’t forget that the room itself can be remodeled to suit your aesthetic better.

So what can you do? Here are some renovation ideas to spruce up your bedroom before the end of the year.

Try Rearranging Your Furniture

Would the room look better if the bed was directly under that window? You’ll never know unless you actually try to put the bed there. And if you like that look, where should that bedside table go? The possibilities are endless. Simply moving some furniture will make a big difference in how a room looks without having to spend a dime. It’s technically not even a renovation process, but it works just as well.

Carrie Baron M.D. also says in Psychology Today that doing so can spark your creativity, induce a sense of accomplishment, and break past mental attachments. So it’s really nice to rearrange your room layout. Just be sure to clean and unclutter the space as you go.

Change the Color of Your Walls

Repainting walls will instantly change the vibe of your room. It is arguably the cheapest home redesign method and also the easiest to execute even if you decide to do it by yourself or with your family as a bonding experience.

You can achieve the illusion of a larger area by using colors closer to white and the opposite effect with darker tones. A bold accent wall can also make a statement as a more modern and updated room if you pair it with complimentary room embellishments.

But if you are someone who likes to see change often, using wallpaper is also a good option as it is easy to install and remove. It also comes in a myriad of colors and patterns that can bring new life to your room!

king sized double bed

Experiment with Different Kinds of Light

Another inexpensive way to change things up is by changing the lights. Most of the time, we tend to be indifferent to the light sources in our rooms, but they actually contribute a lot to the ambiance of a space and even to our moods.

According to a 2015 study about improving the mood of the elderly with the use of lighting, they found that warm-toned and low-intensity lights can help make a room feel homey and more welcoming, thus better for a bedroom setting where sleep is of the utmost priority. On the other hand, bright blue light, like that from our computer and phone screens, can make us feel more awake and focused, which can benefit our home workspace.

You can also play with different fixtures like chandeliers, lava lamps, and even candles to draw more interest in specific parts of your bedroom.

Don’t Forget the Floor

One of the more costly but more effective renovations that you can consider is floor renovation. Often overlooked, the kind of floor that you have contributes to the aura of your room. Hardwood floors, the most popular option for bedrooms, give a warm and natural vibe to a room. Carpets and rugs also give a cozy feel but are actually harder to maintain in the long run.

Marble flooring can exude luxury, while the very inexpensive vinyl floor sheets, which come in various designs, can bring an entirely different element to your room. Plan and take time to find reliable flooring contractors because this kind of renovation will last longer if done right.


New spaces can invite new beginnings. Even if it’s just a room that you renovated, you may find inspiration from it to work harder and smarter in your daily life. And with the restrictions being lowered all over the country and going back to the workplace is now an option, coming home to a re-imagined bedroom will feel a lot more satisfying than ever before.

So with less than a year to prepare for 2022, let us continue making our homes a safe place while still keeping them as our source of great comfort and stimulation.


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