Stunning Landscaping Trends to Explore This 2021

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One of the best ways to beat cabin fever and feelings of self-isolation is by investing in our yards. It’s a safe way to get some fresh air regularly, and it motivates us to leave the indoors from time to time, clear our heads, and find time to breathe.

If you’ve been looking for an excuse to spruce up your yard through some gorgeous landscaping, there is no better reason than the pandemic. Here are some garden trends to explore this 2021.

Outdoor living

This year, many home trends will be centered on extending the indoors to the outdoors through well-designed porches or dens. As the virus will still be with us for the foreseeable future, homeowners will continue to invest in their residential properties by finding ways to do more activities outside without necessarily leaving their property. This is why landscape architects will focus more on building structures like gazebos and pergolas and even a weather-proof outdoor kitchen.

Eco-friendly and conscious

The pandemic and natural disasters have turned more people towards eco-friendly choices, and the home renovation and landscaping industries are no exception. There will be more focus on naturalistic elements, which means emphasizing and incorporating plants that are native to the area. More homeowners will also be more inclined to leave natural elements untouched, like trees and plants that provide shelter and food for their local species of insects, birds, and other animals. This approach will also scream “less is more” as homeowners leave certain areas of the yard or garden untamed.

Relaxation and meditation area

2021 is the year of mental and emotional health literacy, and home trends will play a big part in making this happen. This year, more homeowners will focus on creating meditative and relaxing areas in their yards, where they can do some yoga or stretching. It will also be where people can say their prayers, and the design elements will depend on the homeowner’s beliefs or religion.

Food plants

The pandemic also exposed society’s need to be more self-sustaining, and more homeowners will focus on growing their own produce through their yards. There will be a wide array of food plants that will take center stage this year, like the following:

  • Mini watermelons
  • Towering basil
  • Purple cauliflower
  • Purple bell peppers
  • Heirloom tomatoes
  • Pattypan squash
  • Blue kale

vertical garden

Vertical gardens

Vertical gardens will also be appealing to homeowners with smaller spaces. It’s also a wonderful venture for landscaping beginners since it’s simply just choosing one wall in the outdoor area and framing it. Some plants that will be on-trend for vertical gardens include but are not limited to succulents, lemon balm, Boston ivy, and honeysuckle.

Smart technology

Smart technology will also continue to be integrated into landscaping this year, with more homeowners opting for smart controllers in areas that tend to be dry all-year-round. Smart technology will take out the stress in homeowners’ daily watering routine, especially if a smart irrigation system is also incorporated.


A lot of newbie gardeners find themselves frustrated when their plants die. Still, there are plenty of factors that contribute to plants not surviving, like poor planting, erosion, too much foot traffic in the area, sheer dumb luck, but most importantly, poor soil.

Thankfully, composting for healthier soil will be on-trend this year. Composting is simply the act or process of recycling natural and organic matter, such as food waste and leaves, to turn them into fertilizer that can help improve the health of soil and plants. With more people going green, this is a wonderful trend to hit two birds with one stone: The United States is leading in the amount of food waste each year, as we discard almost 40 million tons worth of food every year. To put it in perspective, it accounts for 30 to 40 percent of our food supply. As Americans grow more eco-conscious, composting and planting will be in many homeowners’ minds this year.

Ornate touches

Even bigger yards will focus on intricate and ornate details this year. There will be a renewed interest in dainty geometric patterns and small stones and concrete pieces. These small touches are also perfect for homeowners who love a living area or a walkway and want running water or a fountain in their garden.

From Simple to Stunning

There is no better time to invest in your front yard or backyard. If the past year has been marked by restlessness inside your home, sprucing up, your outdoor living areas might be a way for you and your family to regain some semblance of joy and normalcy.


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