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Home security is one of the most important aspects of owning a property, whether it’s a house in a quiet village or a flat in the city. Despite what some people believe, home security need not be expensive or flashy. Subtle home security features are better because they allow your property to blend in while keeping your property safe and secure. Blending in is essential because burglars love houses that stand out; it tells them your property has something worth guarding.

So for homeowners looking to keep their property safe and sound, here are subtle security features you could use that can help you do so:

Canopy Carport

A canopy carport is a great way to keep your vehicle out of sight and provide a nominal level of protection against the elements. No carport? No problem! Commercial carport canopies come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They can be installed on the side of homes so that they can enjoy the benefits of a carport without all that hassle of asking for builders permits from the local council.

No car? No problem! A commercial carport canopy can be used to cover seating areas, play areas, patios, and walkways and create smoking shelters, among other things.

Biometric Scanners

fingerprint scannerAlthough they sound futuristic, biometric scanners can be as simple as a fingerprint scanner on your doorknob. Over the past decade or so, these scanners have become commonplace in many homes and flats across the country. And it makes sense: after all, they’re high-tech enough that most burglars have no way to break through without using force but simple enough for even the common man to install and use.

Fingerprint scanners also come in a variety of simple designs that work well with most doors. They’re often durable and safe, and if you purchase them from a subscription service, they usually come with a security adviser who will help you set up and troubleshoot them when necessary.

Motion-Activated Floodlights

Popular for homes with yards, motion-activated floodlights are one of the best ways to deter a burglar from even considering your home. These lights are sensitive to movement and use a variety of invisible, infrared “tripwires” that activate extremely bright floodlights when the wire is crossed or interrupted by action.

Floodlights are one of the best ways to stop criminals from further encroaching on your property because sneaky thieves would not risk being seen at all. If you get the right ones, these floodlights can be subtle enough that they look like a common design feature of your home but still crank out thousands of amperes of light once they’re activated.

But what about flats? Well, commercial movement-activated floodlights also exist for units, albeit in smaller, less bright versions. These floodlights can be installed on the doorways and will illuminate anyone who crosses your threshold. If your place has security cameras, anyone attempting to break in will have their mug shot captured in no time.

With these features in mind, you can add subtle features in your home that will enhance its security. You won’t have to worry much if you have these additions in place.


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