Sustainable Homeownership: Three Upgrades You Can Try

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With today’s alarming rates of global warming and climate change, people should start becoming more responsible for their actions. Every person in the world has a social responsibility to lessen the harmful effects of their activities on the environment, but very few actually do their part.

As a homeowner, you can contribute to the sustainable movement by making a few changes and upgrades inside your house. This could be as simple as segregating your wastes properly and creating compost for your biodegradable wastes. Another idea is to avoid single-use plastic when you’re buying food.

You might think that making these small changes to how you manage your household won’t create any impact on a global scale, but tiny efforts are still better than none at all. Besides, by starting to make sustainable choices for yourself, you might be able to encourage those around you to follow suit.

Little by little, you could start a ripple effect among your friends and family. This can lead to them sharing valuable information with their friends and families. Soon enough, your efforts to save the environment will have grown at an unprecedented scale. So here’s what you can do:

Maintain Basic Landscaping

If you have green spaces inside your home, you should maximize the health benefits that it can offer you and your family. So many people would kill to have their own nature sanctuary at home, but because the prices in the housing market are at an all-time high, most of them will be stuck to their condos and apartments for quite some time.

Yards, backyards, and gardens can be exhausting to maintain, but they can also help cleanse the air circulating your house. With a well-maintained yard, you can spend more time in the natural world instead of being glued to your phone inside your room. You need the sun on your face and fresh air in your lungs at least once in a while.

So try to do some landscaping for your house, even if it’s just basic maintenance. You can hire experts at turf laying services to install the foundation of your new green space and work your way from there. For instance, you can add some patio furniture for quiet breakfasts or a hammock if you prefer to enjoy the afternoon breeze.

Look into Solar Panels and Renewable Energy

Most of the world’s carbon footprint comes from the burning of fossil fuels, which is essential to producing energy that supplies consumers with electricity. If you’re not familiar with carbon footprint yet, it’s basically just the accumulated greenhouse gases in the atmosphere caused by human activities.

Electricity is an integral part of everyone’s day-to-day routines. Imagine this scenario: you begin your day with a cup of coffee, which is brewed in a coffee machine. Before leaving the house for work, you would charge your phone by plugging it into a wall socket.

After getting home from work, you will have to turn on the lights because it’s already dark out. And if you want to watch your favorite shows to relax, you will need to switch on the television. You get the idea. Without electricity, none of these mundane activities would be possible.

So because you can’t eliminate electricity from your life, what you can do is think of other ways to get it. One tried-and-tested way is to look at renewable energy alternatives for your home. Among the most efficient option for homes is solar energy which can be harnessed by having solar panels.

Switch to High-efficiency Water Fixtures

Millions of people throughout the world are dealing with water shortage and drought, while others don’t have access to clean water at all. Just because you’re not feeling the water crisis in your city doesn’t mean it’s not happening elsewhere, and it certainly doesn’t give you the right to waste water.

On average, a single person uses 82 gallons (ca. 310 liters) of water a day. Now multiply that to the number of people inside your household; that’s how much water you’re using in a single day. But if you were to replace all your traditional water fixtures with high-efficiency models, you can consume and waste less water.

You can start by switching all your traditional or standard toilets, faucets, and showerheads around the house to water-efficient models that were built to minimize water consumption. Another thing that you can upgrade for efficiency is your sprinkler system outside.

Water conservation is important not just because there are people without access to clean water, but also because so many natural resources are being poured down the drain. If people keep wasting water irresponsibly, soon, there won’t be much left to even satiate the thirst from the heat of the sun.

It’s time to admit that humanity’s carelessness and irresponsibility are what’s causing global warming. This is no longer something that can be swept under the rug; the sea levels are increasing because the ice caps are melting. If that doesn’t urge you to start making more sustainable choices, nothing will.


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