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First, the good news: if you’re doing business in Portland, Oregon, you might find the cost of electricity in your favor. It is cheaper than residential electricity and more than 15% lower than the national average.

The bad news is Portland’s commercial electricity rate is about 2% higher than the state’s average. Worse, if you don’t pay attention to your insulation, thermal mass, or leaks, it will only increase.


How do you ensure it doesn’t happen? You need to conduct TAB. Read the FAQs below to get more information about it.


What Is TAB?


TAB is testing, adjusting, and balancing in Portland. It is a process of assessing the airflow and water flow, as well as temperatures. It is about ensuring these factors are within the design standards or building requirements.

Professionals use a variety of pieces of equipment, such as sensors, to get the desired reading. They also work with HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning) systems. It is slightly different from BET or building envelope testing.

In BET, you are evaluating the envelope, which is the barrier that separates the inside from the outside. The basic principle is that what should be outside should remain there and vice versa.


What Happens When You Don’t Perform TAB?

Not performing TAB can have many kinds of repercussions to your business, particularly when it comes to costs and productivity.


1. Higher Electricity


Why is electricity higher in certain seasons, such as summer and winter? These are the times when you will use electricity-hogging appliances the most. These are your air conditioner during the hot months and the heater during the colder days.


When you have a leak somewhere in your office or building, it will make these appliances or systems work harder to compensate for the temperature changes. In the process, you end up consuming more electricity even if you’re using the devices at the same duration consistently.


2. Lower Productivity


More companies are investing in the layout, design, and overall ambiance of their offices. Take, for example, Google. This tech company provides sleeping pods where employees can relax. They also have spaces outside where their staff can stroll or play games in between or after hours.


The environment of the office can have a significant impact on the health, well-being, and performance of employees. In a 2014 study, the researchers learned that both indoor temperature and illumination could increase health and performance. Between the two, however, the temperature has a stronger effect.

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Who Can Conduct the Testing?


Many companies these days can already perform TAB, but it’s best to pick one that has been in the business for some time. Two reasons: One, they are more familiar with the standards and building codes, especially since they changed over the years. Second, they know what and how to look.


You can also find those that have been certified by the National Environmental Balancing Bureau. It’s not enough, though, that you find a qualified professional.


You need to be a partner, and it means learning the results of the assessments, allowing them to modify the systems to fit the standards, and following their recommendations to maintain or improve your HVAC.


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