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Too much water can be pretty bad news for your house. It can be either a flood, a burst pipe, or a leaking roof, but water entering your home often results in water damage. Once the rain has subsided and your house relatively dry, it can be disheartening to see all the damage it has caused. Here are some pointers for cleaning your water-damaged house:

Identify the Water

One of the first things that you should be doing is to identify what sort of water has damaged your home. This is very important because the type of water will influence your repair efforts. For one, there is clean water, which is from leaky pipes and rainwater from your roof. This is relatively clean and easy to deal with.

Next, there is gray water. This is slightly dirty water from your dishwasher and the like. This has only minor contaminants, but you will still need safety gear to help deal with it. Plus, water damage from it is more expensive. Blackwater is the worst since it is from your sewage and nearby rivers. It can cause serious health issues, so you will want only professionals to clean it up.

Ensure that Everything Is Dry

When the water is generally cleaned out, then you will want to remove all the moisture in the air in the affected area immediately. Place fans in the area to dry out the field quicker. You can even use a dehumidifier to ensure that no drop of moisture is left in the area for proper cleaning.

Disinfect Everything

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Water is notorious for being home to germs and bacteria. When everything is dried out, then you should do some disinfecting. Bleach is the go-to solution for this. It also ensures that no mold spores are left behind to grow into something you will regret.

Work with Your Insurance Company

Before you go further, it is time to talk to your insurance company. Most home insurance has a clause for floods and water damage. If possible, get a deal with your insurance company so that you won’t end up bankrupt from the repairs.

Go to Experts

Your furniture and items will need to be fixed. Though it is tempting to do it on your own, for things like sofas and carpets, you will want a pro to handle it. For example, expert carpet cleaners in London and other areas can ensure that your carpet is returned to you in excellent condition.

Replace Damaged Wood

While your furnishings are out, it is the time to do the repairs to your home. Wood is notoriously bad when it becomes waterlogged. It warps and weakens. This is why you need to replace them. Pry the wood off your walls, roof, and floors then clean beneath them. Replace them with brand-new timber so that your place looks good.

Water damage can be a significant hole in your pocket and completely ruin your home. However, it is possible to bounce back and save a bit of money. With the tips above, you can be sure that your home will be repaired in no time.


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