The Importance of Knowing Your Home Renovation Goals

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Do you remember the popular ’70s tune, “YMCA” sung by the all-male disco music group, the Village People? Part of the music video for the song was filmed at the old Chelsea YMCA gym in New York. That gym used to have a running track and was frequented by many members looking for a good workout.

By 2002, the place was sold and turned into a residential block. Today, an astounding white and jade-colored loft can be found in the same location. The modern, airy interior design hardly shows any memory of its past as an exercise hub. The Chelsea Loft in New York is an excellent example of a brilliant renovation project that converted a non-residential property into a world-class home.

Aside from artistic yet functional interior design, renovation experts had to check the structural integrity of the old building. They had to re-imagine the exterior walls and facade. In terms of the liveability of the renovated place, the building, testing, adjusting, balancing tasks were prioritized to ensure that HVAC systems would be in good running condition. In the construction industry, any refurbishment of must-have facilities like heating, the roof, and water pipes are all part of Basic Renovation.

In Dorset, England, an 18th-century stable was converted into a very spacious home that Mexican and Moroccan style. While located in the English countryside, the owner wanted a South American-African-Mediterranean vibe, and this renovation is referred to as the Personal Preference project. A property’s original structure may remain, such as roofing and the house frame itself. Still, many details will be changed during the reconstruction process to suit the owner or builder’s taste in home design or aesthetic vision.

In Philadelphia, a church that had been abandoned for over 40 years was cleaned up, repaired, and renovated with Curb Appeal in mind. In curb appeal renovation, the owner or designer is prioritizing the looks of the property, such as having a fresh-cut lawn, new interior furnishings, and a complete paint job. Being a neglected and broken down church building, the renovation’s goal was to convert into a house that would make passers-by turn their heads in awe. With whites and pastel paint colors, the new home retained the elegant details of its original church identity while projecting a clean, fresh appeal as a renovated house.

Back in New York, a late 1880s caviar warehouse was painstakingly renovated with Value-Added in mind. Value-added renovation is all about any addition or refurbishment that increases the property value. This warehouse-turned-fashionable Tribeca loft was designed to include a courtyard and a roof garden, house amenities that are increasingly becoming rare in the Big Apple.

It’s important to know the main types of renovation, as mentioned above. A basic one is done to make the property more functional for the user, whether it be the owner or a tenant.

A personal preference renovation, on the other hand, is done more by an owner who will most likely live in that property. There are times when an owner insists on personal preference in styling and renovation work if the intention is to market a particular brand or motif.

Curb appeal is done to make the renovation a tool for increasing the aesthetic value of the property. Beauty and style are the primary considerations.

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A value-added focus in the renovation is more common for properties that will be put in the market. Before listing a house, a renovation project must make sure that it is stunning and worth the price that it will be sold for. Curb appeal is also given importance since an attractive home with character indeed sells for a higher rate than a typical, mass-produced house.

Knowing the main types of renovation benefits the owner in terms of defining how much investment is to be made in the entire process. Does the owner expect to recoup the costs of a renovation? A return of investment in it is a must for those who are into house flipping projects and for those who are really into real estate investments.

Spending money on a house refurbishment is no big deal for those who want to use and live in the property. For them, no amount is too high just for them to fulfill their vision for their home.

Some might have a limited budget, and the emphasis will be on functionality, not style. Hence, basic repairs and renovation would be enough.

Well, whatever home improvement goals one has, it can always be an enjoyable process. Building a home and redesigning it some years later is like having a relationship with an inanimate property that nevertheless is witness to a person’s daily life a home. That makes a house more than a structure, but more as a shelter for one’s mind and heart.

As the YMCA song goes, home is a place where it’s fun to stay and where one can find many ways to find a good time.


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