The Modern Conservatory: Ideas for Your Green Living Space

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Back in the day, conservatories were used as spaces where the Brits can cultivate plants and other scholarly pursuits. Their uses have become varied since then, with a lot of these conservatories being connected to providing an area to relax and to receive visitors in the home.

A lot of improvements have been made since those days, with conservatories undergoing exciting new designs. Some have been built with the help of contractors that handle event venues. There are those that have been fitted with heating and air conditioning systems. One thing still remains as a common factor of all conservatories — people retire here when they want peace and quiet or just to entertain themselves or guests.

A conservatory is considered informal enough to entertain guests. Take a look at these ideas on what to do with your conservatory, design-wise.

 The Modern Home Conservatory: A Glass Box

The modern conservatory is a little like the traditional ones; conservatories are glass extensions of a house, after all, and this conservatory is something similar. It helps give a certain character to your home, as well as somewhere you can stay and get some sunlight without being exposed.

At a time like the COVID-19 pandemic, getting some sun while technically staying indoors is a good idea. You’re not going to have to go out in the open air to have to sun yourself out. Aside from that, you’ll be getting the added protection of staying indoors.

Consider building a conservatory that’s facing the north. Just remember that it will have a different glass requirement, considering that it’s exposed to more sunlight as opposed to a southwest-facing glass box, which will be receiving less sunlight.

Extending your House — the Classic Conservatory

Conservatories are popular especially as the summer approaches. If you’re looking to get some more sunlight from inside your house, consider creating a space where you can enjoy the sun inside. A classic conservatory can be an extension created with wood and glass panels. It can be a good source of sunlight and a relaxing enclave when the rainy season arrives.

This can be a garden room or an extension of your home. It could also serve as a semi-den or an extension of your kitchen. It’s up to you if you want to complete it with a tiled roof or an orangery — a room that protects fruit-bearing or ornamental plants from the harsh environment outside.

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Creating a Dreamy View of the Garden

The conservatory can act like a room filled with windows. Build it facing the garden or a place with a nice view. The glass panels, combined with the wooden panels, can make this room look different from the rest of the home — a picture room of sorts.

Natural light is an important aspect of surviving the pandemic. Sunlight helps people in many ways as it’s also important for them to feel active. Everybody loves natural light, even more so during the pandemic.

A good design for your semi-classic or post-modern conservatory would be to create an unnoticeable transition between the outside and inside of the home. The idea of facing the garden and viewing it while staying indoors can be a good view to those facing isolation under the pandemic.

A Conservatory for Breakfast

If you’ve connected your conservatory to the kitchen, why not create it into a usable space? It’s a great place to have breakfast to get a nice kick start to your day. With the large glass windows and the classic feel of the wood and glass panes, you’ll have the feeling of alfresco dining — yes, even to the night.

You can accentuate that feeling with a good set of tables and chairs to seat you and your family. You can also host over guests in this space in your home when the pandemic is over. To top it all off, you can buy furniture and fixtures that will make your own personal alfresco space even better.

A Conservatory for Relaxation

Are you looking to relax? Your conservatory can be a place to do that. It can be peaceful, it can be relaxing, and you can also get the morning sun on you while reading and relaxing.

These are installed as an extension of the home, either as an additional space for the kitchen or for the living room. You can make your conservatory out of the way from the home’s busiest areas. You can also make that extension into a place of meditation, away from distractions and noise.

Conservatories can be places of meditation or a place where you can eat with good company. You should always strive to make the most out of your home — and adding a conservatory will help with that.


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