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Businesses have been forced to shift to a remote working model due to the pandemic. This has led to several benefits for employees. One of the biggest benefits is the increased productivity. Employees have reported that they are more productive working remotely than in the workplace.

One way to further improve productivity when working from home is to have a good home office setup. And to help you create the best setup, we have provided ten tips for a more comfortable home office space.

Invest in Comfortable Furniture

A comfortable chair and a good-quality desk are at the heart of a productive home office setup. You spend eight to nine hours working in your office space, so you need to invest in good furniture. It will definitely make a huge difference and lead to increased productivity.

Opt for Natural Lighting

Try to get as much natural light into your office space as you can. Why? It’s because studies have shown that working in natural light can help improve productivity by about forty percent. You can get in touch with contractors and home repair services companies, including roofing companies, to have your windows, doors, and roof remodeled to allow more natural light to enter your home, especially your work area.

Install Ambient Lights

Natural light is the best source for home lighting needs. However, sometimes, you might need an additional source. For example, if you work during the night. In such cases, use ambient lighting. Fix LED light strips across your desk and have a stylish table lamp to add warmth and personality to the workspace.

Dedicate Some Space for Brainstorming Activities

Having dedicated space for brainstorming can help your creative juices flowing. How you design this space is completely a matter of personal space. Some prefer keeping a cozy couch in that area, while others might have a whiteboard and markers. So, depending on what suits best for you, design a brainstorming area to increase your productivity further.

Get High-speed Internet

Having a high-speed internet connection is an absolute necessity in times of remote working. If necessary, replace your current ISP or install a stronger Wi-Fi router at home to get high-speed internet in all areas of the home. Additionally, keep the Wi-Fi connection password-protected to ensure no unauthorized users are using your internet, as it can lower your internet usage speeds.

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Add Some Greenery

Having plants around your workspace can add color, as well as help reduce stress. Some plants can even help improve your productivity by fifteen percent. When you are choosing plants for your workspace, choose the ones that are low maintenance and improve air quality.

Invest in Premium Computer or Laptop

Your laptop/computer is the device that you will work on. Having a low-end, outdated machine means it will run slow, hang, or crash frequently. You will end up wasting an ample amount of time working on such devices, reducing your productivity. So, invest in decent to premium-quality hardware machines, including the mouse and keyboard, that can help you complete your work smoothly without any issues.

Choose a Quiet Corner

Having your workspace in a quiet spot can help increase your focus and concentration. This, in turn, will prove beneficial in improving your productivity. If you live with a roommate or family members, there are bound to be distractions in certain parts of the house. So, choose a place away from these distractions, like your bedroom, to increase your productivity.

Pick the Right Colors

Colors can have a great psychological impact on us. So, choose colors that elicit positive physical and emotional responses that can help you keep a calm and composed state and help with your work productivity. Generally, light colors are best-suited for home offices. However, you can choose any color depending on your preferences.

Keep Your Home Office Clean

A home office desk, like your traditional office desk, can get dirty and messy. You wouldn’t want to work in an unorganized, cluttered, dirty space. So you need to keep cleaning it regularly. Use a wet cloth to wipe your desk and remove and dirt and dust that might have accumulated. You can also use wipes, sanitizers, and soap solutions for cleaning your home office setup.

Working from home is probably the only good thing to happen because of the pandemic. You can choose flexible work hours and also design your workspace exactly as you want. These ten tips mentioned in the blog will help you set up a home office space to help you get more done. You will be more productive professionally without ever having to leave your home. Isn’t this amazing?


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