The Top Five Granite Colors to Choose From

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Granite countertops have a classic and timeless appeal. They add instant character to your kitchen with their beautiful aesthetics.  A granite countertop can instantly uplift your kitchen and make it look expensive.

Granite is also durable and is not prone to scratches and stains. Choose reputable granite suppliers for high-quality countertops.

Granite is a mixture of minerals and rocks. It is the minerals present in the granite that give it its unique colors. The minerals found in the granite can be quartz, potassium feldspar, mica, biotite, or amphibole.

Choosing the color of your granite countertop is essential to achieve the look that you want for your kitchen. Here are the top five most popular colors for granite countertops.

1. Sleek and Modern White Granite

There is something about the color white that makes it look classy and elegant. White also exudes a clean and minimalistic appeal. White granite countertops look fresh and make your kitchen look bigger than it is.

White granite is versatile. You can make it look modern if you choose. Pair it with simple white cabinets, stainless appliances, and white chairs, and you get a modern kitchen that is worth the pages of a home improvement magazine.

However, you can also make white granite work a classic and vintage vibe.

You might be reluctant to choose white because of fear of stains. Granite countertops are 100% stain-resistant. The natural hardness of granite makes it stain-proof. That’s because it has small pores, making it hard for stains to settle.

Pure white granite is rare, so you might have to settle for speckled granite.

2. Bold and Elegant Black Granite

Although not many people feel comfortable in choosing black granite for their countertops, black granite comes with many benefits. For starters, having black granite countertops makes your kitchen look elegant and unique. It can serve as an attractive focal point in your kitchen.

Black granite countertops look sleek and sophisticated without even trying to. It adds depth to the room and creates a bold statement.

Choose black granite countertops if your kitchen has sufficient natural light coming in. Opt for light or white kitchen cabinets and light-colored paint for the wall. This will give the room a more open feel, even with the black countertop.


3. Cool and Calm Blue Granite

Blue granite countertops usually have blue and black bases. They work well with many colors and can be very versatile. They are a perfect choice if you are just remodeling your countertops, and you need one that will blend well with your existing interior. Blue granite countertops can complement any existing room, lending to it an extravagant feel.

Blue granite comes in different shades of light and dark and can either be veined or homogenous. Veined blue granite has other minerals scattered throughout. Homogenous blue granite has a uniform pattern of minerals.

4. Luxurious and Traditional Green Granite

Green granite countertops might not be as popular as white granite, but they shine in a class of their own. Since green is the color nature, green granite countertops bring a feeling of calm and serenity. Green granite can also bring a luxurious feel to any kitchen. They are distinctive and quickly catches the eye of anyone walking into the room.

Green granite also comes in a variety of patterns and usually have gray and brown undertones. They typically come with patterns of swirls or flecks. Green granite countertops work well with white or wooden cabinets.

5. Bold and Passionate Red Granite

If you want to make a statement with your kitchen countertop, choose red granite. Red granite comes with a rich and exciting history. The Egyptians even used red granite for their decorations. Red granite contains potassium feldspar, which gives it the shades of pink and red. When used in your kitchen, red granite can make your kitchen look stunning and opulent.

You can use red granite countertop as an eye-catching focal point of your kitchen. Its vibrant color gives a lively vibe and can make you and your visitors feel more energetic. Keep other fixtures neutral so that your kitchen will not look overdone and overwhelming. A red granite countertop is perfect for wooden accessories such as wooden cabinets.

Granite is nature’s very own work of art. If you want to make your home look more upscale, granite can do the trick. Granite countertops are not only for your interior’s aesthetics, but they are also very durable. They can withstand high temperatures, are easy to clean, and the stone can be repaired should accidents happen. Since granite countertops are not porous, they are free of dirt and bacteria.

Should you decide to use or shift to a granite countertop, be sure to take a sample home. This way, you can see how the granite looks under your kitchen’s lighting.


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