Plants that Will Naturally Repel Insects from Your Yard This Summer

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Bugs are a nuisance. Their presence, and the potential disease-causing germs they transport, threaten to ruin the first summer after the outbreak of COVID-19 in the United States. However, there are things that you can do to prevent them from taking over your entire lawn and your home, endangering the health of the people you love.

One common piece of advice is to remove standing water to get rid of mosquitoes. Pest control services can apply solutions to eliminate the population of blood-sucking insects. Mow the lawn to discourage tick migration into your property. There should also be a barrier between your property and wooded areas to keep them away from your home.

In addition, you can grow plants that can make the pesky critters go away on their own. Here are a few.


Basil is a favorite herb added to various dishes to add flavor and fragrance. However, did you know that while humans are attracted to its scent and taste, many insects abhor it?

The presence of basil will keep house flies and mosquitoes away. Planting basil in your garden will not only fill your stomach with fresh herbs, but it will also keep you safe from mosquitoes and house flies, both of which have the capability to carry and transmit disease-causing germs.

In addition, the leaves of the basil plant can be used to create your own insect repellent that is free of harmful ingredients. Pour boiling water into a container with basil leaves and stem. Let it steep for several hours, then remove the leaves and stem. The final step is to add cheap vodka, and then you can spray the solution around the property to further dissuade insects from coming close and harming your family.

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Lemongrass, like basil, is a very fragrant herb abundant in tropical and subtropical areas, particularly in Asia. It is used in soups, seafood, and teas. Moreover, its scent is a very potent mosquito deterrent.

The intense odor of the oil derived from lemongrass, which is more popularly known as citronella, drives mosquitoes away. That is why the oil is always used in “natural” insect repellents. The scent of lemongrass oil can stick around and keep mosquitoes away for around two and a half hours.

So, lemongrass will not only act as an ornamental plant in your backyard. It is as useful as it is pretty.


Chrysanthemum blooms are pretty, but they are also the source of a valuable extract called pyrethrum. Pyrethrum is refined and turned into a substance called pyrethrin, a common ingredient in dog soaps and shampoos.

Pyrethrin is an insecticide. It kills ticks and fleas, which makes them the ideal products for dog soaps and shampoos. It also repels and terminates bed bugs, roaches, ants, spider mites, and Japanese beetles.

While it takes a lot more work to extract pyrethrum from chrysanthemum and then turn it into pyrethrin, chrysanthemums are a welcome addition to any garden.


Petunias are quite the insect-killer. The pretty and fragrant flowers are natural insect trappers. They have tiny hairs all over that are very sticky. If an insect made the mistake of landing on it or flying too close to it, it would be stuck there until it does. The plant will then absorb the nutrients from the carcass of its prey through its roots to make its blooms vibrant.

Petunias can trap and kill a variety of insects, including Japanese beetles, leafhoppers, and aphids.


Rosemary is a great all-around ingredient. It is, of course, used in cooking to add flavor and fragrance to dishes. It is also used in beauty products, added to shampoos and conditioners, in particular, to encourage the growth of hair. Moreover, it is a natural insect repellent.

Every household will benefit from having a rosemary plant around. It is very fragrant; you would not need to extract its oils to get a whiff of its refreshing scent. That is why adding it to your garden and windowsill will also eliminate all the bugs that threaten to enter your home this summer.

In addition, you can use rosemary to create your own insect repellent. Boil the leaves and stems in water for 30 minutes, strain the liquid, let it cool, and then store it in a spray bottle.

Summer is the perfect weather to spend more time outdoors. However, bugs threaten to prevent people from having fun under the summer sky. Having these plants around can ensure that your summer will be peaceful.


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