Things to Factor in Before Putting Your Home on the Market

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For sale sign in front of house

While we hope that selling a house can be as easy as planting a“for sale” sign outside, it isn’t. There are a lot of things that you need to factor in. There are a lot of considerations that have to be made. If you think that you’re ready to sell the house, roll up your sleeves because it takes a lot of work to make a successful and profitable sale.

Call a Home Inspector

The first thing you need to do is to call a home inspection company in Salt Lake City or in whichever city you live in. These home inspectors will give you a thorough report on the condition and state of your house—from the plumbing, HVAC system, electrical system, structural components, to the presence of radon, asbestos, mold, and termites. Potential buyers can request and demand this report, so it’s always good to have the report on hand.

Hire a Real Estate Agent

It can be tempting to be your own home’s real estate agent and just pocket the commission you’re supposed to pay the realtor. However, that’s one of the biggest mistakes you can do. Real estate agents can advise you on how to market your home, how to get a bigger profit, and how to maximize the potential of the sale. You might have to pay the agent a commission, but the difference in the amount of money you might get from the transaction will be well worth it.

Research Your Local Housing Market

Take a look at the recent home acquisitions in your neighborhood. Did a former neighbor sell their house recently? How much did it sell? You can then compare the location, features, and size of that house to yours. If that house sold for $700,000, you can get less or more than that depending on the size and amenities that you offer. A realtor should be able to assist you in pricing your house.

Clean Your Home

There’s nothing that drives potential buyers away than a messy home. It doesn’t matter if you have toddlers running around the house. You should give the impression that your home is sparkling clean. Before putting it on the market or welcoming buyers, make sure that you’ve cleaned every nook and cranny of the house. Mop the floors. Polish the floors and any other surfaces. Eliminate any foul odors. Tidy the rooms. Clean rugs and carpets. If cleaning the house is not something you can do in your spare time, consider hiring professional cleaners.

Repaint the Walls

Sometimes, all it takes is a nice coat of fresh paint to make a home look clean, uncluttered, and new. You can certainly do this on your own to save on cost. Choose neutral colors for your house’s interior and rooms because they will give your potential buyers a chance to decide which color best suits their personalities once they decide to buy the home.

Fix the Small Stuff

There might be cabinet handles that are broken. Fix those, as well as faucets, towel bars, and curtain rods. There is a myriad of small things around the house that can get broken from time to time. These small things can affect the decision of the buyers because your home will look unkempt.

Check the Curb Appeal

Home For Sale Real Estate Sign and Beautiful New House

Look at your home from the outside. If you’re a potential home buyer, are you going to invest in what you see? Unfortunately, people judge a house based on what they see outside. Make sure to plant some trees, cut the weeds, and repaint the main door if you’re planning to sell the house. These will all help to improve the appeal of the house’s exterior.

Pack up your things and put them in the basement. Tell the buyers that you are in the process of moving. Packing your things will help make them see the beauty of the house because the clutter will be minimized. They can also focus on the different features of the house.


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