Three Ways to Raise Your Menswear Style Game with a Bespoke Suit

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Many men may feel that fashion is unimportant, frivolous, and superficial. Traditionally, the image of a masculine man has been built in the opposite direction — purposeful and practical. While the changing times have seen more men develop a greater awareness of personal style, chances are you know a few guys who still lack a good sense of fashion.

The great news is that by nailing one simple item in the wardrobe — the bespoke suit —, any man will instantly elevate their style and confidence in all sorts of occasions. Here’s why a custom-made suit should be the core of a man’s wardrobe.

Conveying the right message

Throughout history, fashion has served an important function in communicating a person’s status and role in society. Commoners couldn’t afford quality fabrics or expensive dyes, and their clothing tended to reflect their professions. On the other hand, social elites had access to a wider variety of style choices.

In modern times, we use clothing to express our individuality, even with basic pieces like the kit of your favorite sports team or a rock band T-shirt. Anyone can shell out a few dollars for off-the-rack items, but a tailor-made suit conveys attention to detail, which comes with craft, time, and effort — and this difference directly translates to your look.

Fabric, cut, and dye are simply the tools used to achieve this end. Just as a business handling metal products needs their Utah manufacturer to fabricate parts to exact specifications, the bespoke suit allows you to fine-tune your look. It helps you communicate the right message in a more subtle and sophisticated way.

Improving self-confidence

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Just as you can use an improved fashion sense to send the proper signals to other people, of equal value is the internal message which you convey to yourself. While any man can feel satisfied with a ready-to-wear suit, we all have our unique differences in terms of body type and dimensions. If a suit’s measurements are off by an inch in one or two areas, the fabric can pinch or hang loose. These issues are visible and don’t do you any favors in terms of comfort.

With a bespoke suit, your tailor will pay attention to these details and leave nothing to chance so that you can be confident in making a great impression no matter the occasion. As a bonus, a good tailor can provide the perfect remedy for any ill-fitting off-the-rack suits you’ve already bought by making the necessary alterations.

Wearing to different occasions

While no single item in your wardrobe can cover every type of event, the custom-made suit has greater potential than most. Suits in versatile colors like navy blue or charcoal gray offer an excellent starting point and can be worn to many weddings, social functions, or even to the office. A three-piece suit can be broken up, and the pieces fit into a capsule wardrobe that offers many different combinations to someone working with a limited budget or traveling light. Simply changing from a collared dress shirt to a crew neck, going from a regular tie to a bow or sans tie, or adding minimal accessories like a pocket square or cuff links will allow you to dress up or down and express your individuality.

Men don’t have to become fashion experts to look good, but appearances always matter to yourself and others. Focus on the core of your wardrobe, and a bespoke suit will give you the best results.


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