Tips for Maintaining Your Garage Door

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Your garage door opens and closes every day, so they’re prone to getting broken if you do not maintain them. If you want to know how to maintain your garage door in Orem, Utah so that they’ll keep working for several years, follow the suggestions below:

Check if it makes sounds

One obvious indication that your garage door is not working properly is when it creaks whenever you open or close it. There are many reasons your garage door creaks. It could be that the tracks where the garage door slides across are littered with debris. If that is the case, then clean the tracks. If you are going to clean the tracks, be sure that the garage door is closed and the power cord unplugged or the breaker turned off. You run the risk of getting your hands stuck if there’s still power to the garage door. Do not lubricate the tracks. Instead, use a damp rag to clean out the debris. If there is grime that’s hard to remove, use an automotive brake cleaner to get rid of it. You can also use a vacuum cleaner with a hose extension to clean out the dirt.

Check for worn-out parts

Another reason your garage door is making noises when you open or close it is that some of its parts are already worn out. Check all the springs, rollers, cables, and the door itself if they are worn out. Replace them as soon as possible. Garage doors have more complex machinery than knobs and swinging doors. It’s important to monitor its components for wear and tear. Otherwise, it could get stuck while you’re trying to open or close it, which will be much more inconvenient for you.

Lubricate the moving parts

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What you should lubricate is the other moving parts, which are the hinges at the sides of the door and in the middle. Make sure that you’re using an aerosol spray lubricant on the hinges. Also, don’t use too much lubricant because more dirt will attach to it.

Lubricate the rollers as well. They are the round things that are attached to the hinges. They’re the ones that roll through the tracks, carrying your garage door to the ceiling. You should lubricate the ball bearings inside those rollers so that your garage door will open and close without squeaking. Lubricate the bearer plates and springs, too. The bearer plates are located on top of your garage door at opposite sides of it. You’ll find the springs on top of the garage door in between the bearer plates. Lubricate the lock as well. If the lock is well-lubricated, it will be easier for you to lock the garage door. Use an aerosol spray lubricant and point the nozzle towards the keyhole and spray.

Maintaining your garage door is necessary if you want it to work perfectly all the time. Due to its more complex machinery, at least compared to doorknobs and screen doors, it requires more attention and maintenance. But if it’s constantly working, you won’t have to experience kicking the door in frustration because it suddenly stops midway when you try to open it. Take care of your garage door, and it will take care of you.


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