Top Problems You’ll Likely Encounter When Having Your Dream Home Built

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There couldn’t be anything more exciting than having your dream home built. But as the project carries on, you’ll likely encounter problems now and then. They’ll be sources of a headache, but the reality is, there is hardly any construction project that proceeds 100% smoothly.

Hence, manage your expectations from the get-go. Perfection is next to impossible in construction, but avoiding mistakes, some of which costly, is entirely doable.

That said, below are the common mistakes you’ll encounter in your dream home project, and the ultimate solution to them.

1. Incorrect Custom Orders

This usually stems from failing to provide accurate details of the building materials you ordered. This can be avoided by reviewing the project specifications, and comparing the details of your custom orders to it.

If you received an incorrect custom order, you can pay for them less, which is beneficial. However, the costs you saved may ultimately be useless, considering the modifications the orders will be subject to.

2. Wrong Blueprint

If you’re only working with subcontractors, they may be using a dated set of blueprints without your knowledge. This will result in confusion and delays.

Therefore, ensure that you’re keeping your subcontractors updated with your most recent plan. Indicate the date of the final set of blueprints in your Construction Agreement, so that the subcontractors can ensure that their copies of the plan are the same as yours.

3. Unexpected Costs

Unexpected costs usually spring up from conditions existing prior to the construction, but were only noticed too late. Termite damage, bad soil, and dry rot are some examples, and they typically show up when the construction has already commenced.

The costs generated by these conditions can be hefty, so in the worst case scenario, you may be forced to postpone the project.

4. Builder Errors

Some builders may exhibit overconfidence, causing them to deviate from the blueprint and have their own way of finishing the project. This of course results in discrepancies between the blueprint and the actual structure built.

It’s important to monitor the progress of the project closely to spot such errors. If it will be too costly to fix a mistake, bargain with the builder by requiring them to build an “extra” that you desire. Your other option is to have the structure torn down and rebuilt in your exact preferences.

5. Design Blunders

The way you pictured your dream home may not be the way it will look in real life. When you’re only using 2-D blueprints, this tends to be the scenario, because it’s hard to translate 2-D models into real life ones.

The One-stop Solution for Construction Problems: A Competent Contractor


If you forego hiring a competent general contractor, you risk facing all those problems, and possibly more. General contractors are licensed professionals that ensure that their projects meet code requirements. This prevents costly mistakes that usually arise from DIY projects.

A general contractor also protects you from potential legal disputes, such as when you failed to obtain a certain permit. They’re knowledgeable in the types of structures permitted in a specific area. Moreover, general contractors are required to carry worker’s compensation coverage. This protects you from being held liable when the builders get injured on the job.

But before hiring a general contractor, do some thorough research first. Inquire about their past projects, and get bids before choosing one. That’s because there are also dishonest contractors posing as credible ones.

If you’re concerned about the costs, you’ll only feel their impact around the beginning of the project. As you go along, you’ll realize that you’ve saved money, because general contractors can avail big discounts on building materials and finishes, from drywall to paint.

Considering all of these, don’t risk a major failure by foregoing a general contractor. Your dream home deserves all the right details, and you absolutely deserve peace of mind.


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