Top Things To Do Before a Business Relocation

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It’s not easy to relocate to a new house. What’s even more difficult, however, is moving a business. Relocating a company or business in Adelaide or elsewhere comes with more challenges than a typical home relocation.

Hiring professional business relocation services is a good option. To help you do it with less stress, here are some useful tips.

Inform Your Customers Early

It’s easier these days to inform customers about the relocation of a business. The Internet has made that possible. You can create a video about the upcoming relocation and post it on YouTube or the social media networks your customers use. You can also use online posters and the like. Not only does this keep your customers informed about your new location; it also serves as an excuse to engage with them and market your offerings.

Update Your Profiles

Your website, Google business listing, social media pages, email signature, stationery, and anything that shows your physical address should be updated once you have begun operating at your new place of business. Before that happens, make sure you leave a note in your current address, stating that you are moving your business soon.

If you have subscriptions to newspapers and magazines and the like, call and give them your new address and state when you would like them to start sending your copies to that address. This is also an opportunity to cancel any subscriptions your company doesn’t really need.

Make Sure the New Place is Ready

You and your staff should be ready to hit the ground running as soon as you arrive at the new place. For this to work, you need to make sure it’s equipped already at least a week before the relocation. Water and electricity should be problem-free. The same should be true about your phone connections and Internet service. Make sure everything has been tested and declared ready a week before you move.

Choose an Off-Peak Moving Schedule

Moving while customers are present is bad form and disruptive. Schedule your moving days over a weekend or during a holiday. If that’s not possible, choose an off-peak day. Whatever day you choose, make sure everything happens after hours. It might not be convenient for you and your personnel, but it’s better than causing inconvenience to your customers.

Hire a Professional Moving Company

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You might be thinking it would be easy to just do the move with the help of your employees, but that’s actually a bad idea. It will definitely be more stressful. Instead of DIY-ing the relocation, hire professional movers. It’s safer, more organised, and worth the cost. They have packing techniques and tools to ensure the safety of your items, too.

On top of that, a professional moving company has insurance to cover customers’ items in case of damage or loss while in transit. And if you have too many items and the new place is not properly set up yet, professional movers usually offer storage services for temporary safekeeping.

Relocating a business is not as straightforward as you might think, but you can reduce the stress and the downtime by being prepared. Use these tips and you’ll be up and running at your new business address in no time.


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