How to Transform Your Bathroom from Blah to Breathtaking Without Remodeling

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“Main” rooms like the living room and kitchen get all the love, but bathrooms are just as important to the visual appeal and comfort value of a home.

Having a beautiful bathroom is a game-changer. Instead of just a purely functional space, it must be an oasis—an escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life and a place where you can luxuriate in peace and solitude.

Remodeling your bathroom can be expensive, though. According to HomeAdvisor, a bathroom remodel costs $10,912 on average, with labor fees making up 50% of the amount you pay.

Still, you don’t have to go all out and completely remodel your bathroom to improve its beauty and functionality. A few updates and upgrades can transform it from a boring space to a calming and relaxing sanctuary.

Here are some ways you can up the ‘wow’ factor of your bathroom without spending a fortune:

Experiment With Paint

Painting the walls is a low-effort, low-cost way to revitalize a dull bathroom. Whether you love bold shades or easy-on-the-eyes pastels, there are paint colors out there that are perfect for you! Choose paint that is resistant to moisture, steam, mold, and mildew. There are also quick-drying options.

Before you start with your paint roller or brush, though, take some time to plan how you want the room to look when you’re done. You must also consider your bathroom’s existing décor, furniture, and fixtures, as you don’t want to choose shades that clash with your design aesthetic.

For instance, if you have a nautical-themed bathroom, you might want to stick with shades of cream, brown, green, blue, white, and pink. You can go darker or lighter, depending on your personal preference.

You don’t have to stop with the walls. Have a tired-looking vanity? A fresh coat of paint can liven it up, along with replacing the fixtures and handles. You can even paint a mirror frame if it’s metal, wood, or laminate. 

Bring Nature Inside

Imagine showering or soaking in the tub surrounded by colorful blooms and lush foliage. Doesn’t that sound dreamy and relaxing? Thankfully, you don’t have to build an outdoor shower to get this experience.

Houseplants bring the beauty of the outdoors inside. They do double-duty, complementing your bathroom’s décor while improving the air quality.

Some plants that can thrive in the humid, enclosed environment of bathrooms are asparagus ferns, begonias, gardenias, and peace lilies. Just make sure they get enough light by putting them on a windowsill or any sunny spot in your bathroom.

If you have a windowless bathroom, consider snake plants, air plants, Boston ferns, and English ferns. These plants grow well with minimal or indirect light.

Bathroom too small for potted plants? No worries! You can place plants in hanging baskets or opt for vines you can train to climb over shelves.

bathroom with plants

Get a Bathtub Tray

A nice soak in the bathtub with all your relaxation essentials within reach is a wonderful way to unwind after a long, hard day. You can have a bathtub tray lying across your tub, holding all your home spa essentials, such as books, scented candles, and even a glass of wine, so you don’t have to get out of the tub.

Bathtub trays come in countless styles, sizes, and finishes. Many have special features, like multiple book slots and a divot for your phone or tablet. They’re also quite affordable, with many stores selling trays that cost below $30.

No Tub? No Problem.

If you don’t have a tub or prefer showers to baths, you can still get your home spa fix. A wall-mounted, waterproof phone or tablet holder lets you enjoy your favorite shows while you scrub.

A wall-mounted silicone wine holder lets you take sips during long exfoliation sessions or while soaking your hair in conditioner. If you’re more of a beer person, you can find dozens of holders specifically designed for beer cans and bottles online.

Don’t Forget the Basics

No matter how beautiful your bathroom is, plumbing problems can turn it from a sanctuary to a nightmare.

Assess your bathroom and see if there’s anything that needs fixing. A leaky faucet, a non-flushing toilet, and a shower that always runs cold can ruin your bathroom’s spa vibes. You don’t want to be in the middle of a rejuvenating shower on a winter day when your heater conks out.

If your bathroom’s water temperature is unstable, schedule your hot water heater repair before or during your bathroom redecoration. You’d want this chore done before you start repainting, in case repair contractors need to do some plumbing fixes. Unless you have the expertise, it’s going to be hard to DIY updates that involve plumbing, so it’s best to get those checked ASAP by a trusted contractor in your area.

Transforming your bathroom from blah to breathtaking doesn’t require you to move mountains. A little resourcefulness and lots of imagination will do.


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