Turning Exposed Brick Walls into Unique Decor

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Victorian brick home

When your house is ready to be furnished, you might think that it’s time to cover up that exposed brick wall with wallpaper or plaster. However, a single coat of paint is all you need if you want a trendy interior brick wall for your home. There is something about it that hints at something more profound. This doesn’t mean that you should leave it bare. Here’s how you can enhance the look of your brick wall:

Build Your Own

If you don’t have an exposed brick wall and you want one, it should be easy enough to do. There are several experts in masonry work in Kansas City and other cities who will be glad to help. This is because it is a pretty easy job, especially for interior partition walls. It also showcases their skill in masonry. There’s nothing like looking at a perfectly stacked brick wall with its alternating patterns. All you need to do when it is done is to paint it in the color that you want.

Use Open-backed Shelving

Placing shelving in front of the brick wall that you want to showcase might sound counterintuitive, but it works if the shelving is open backed. Just put those shelves against the wall and put your stuff on them. The open back allows people to see the wall. If you picked an industrial style, the shelving complements it.

Match the Colors

If you’ve painted the wall one color, then why not highlight it with the room? For example, if you’ve painted the wall white, then have all the nearby items in the same color. If the wall is just right behind your bed, then pick out white blankets and covers. This enhances the tone and unifies the room interestingly.

Use It as a Frame

Cozy living room with fireplaceYour brick wall isn’t supposed to be the focus of the room. It acts in the background as a sort of support for your design. This is why it is a perfect frame for a focal point. Whether it is a painting or a fireplace, your brick wall can help frame the item that you want to draw attention to. If you paint it white, it allows the splash of color to draw the eye and make it feel more important.

Wood and Greenery

You can make a brick wall feel like it is outdoors by mixing up some wood elements and greenery. Have wooden accents like picture frames and shelves placed on it to break up the single color of the wall. Now, throw in some planters and a bit of greenery. The illusion looks great, and it gives off the feel of nature.

Go Tactile

Tempt your visitors to feel the brick by hanging pictures and decorations from it. You can also have small shelves and tables set against it, with chairs to make it all cozy. One of the things that make brick walls so attractive is that you sometimes want to feel the brick so accentuate that.

A brick wall looks great, and with the right approach, it can always catch the eye. The tips above should help in ensuring that you get the most out of your exposed brick wall. Visitors will be surely impressed when they see it.


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