Types of Décor Accessories for Front Doors

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Interior décor for some time was preserved for commercial properties intent on exuding the best business look to their clients. Nowadays, however, residential property owners want exceptional interior looks. They are hence spending thousands in their homes’ interior décor.

Unfortunately, they forget the first element almost everyone will base their view of their homes on; their exteriors. Your exterior look is determined by your garage and front doors, siding, gutters, and the plants in your front yard.

It is thus essential to get a Salt Lake City-based front and garage door repair expert immediately you have an issue with your doors to keep them in the best possible shape. Getting an exceptional look for your door nonetheless also requires a few décor accessories for your front door.

This way, people expect excellent interior décor long before they walk inside your home. The following are some of the décor accessories you can choose for your front door.

Concrete walkway bordered with hedged shrubs leads to the front door of a home


If you do not already have lights at the front door, installing them can be a significant boost for its look. There are several designs for front door lighting, but wall scones are the most popular. These are available as sleek modern steel models, traditional lanterns and open lamps. 

You can opt to hang the lighting on the porches so that you cast a pool of light on your front door. To add a dramatic flair to the door, you can have outdoor spotlights on your front yard aiming to the door so that it takes center stage in your landscape’s look.

Door Knockers

Virtually all front doors nowadays have a doorbell. While this is convenient and of course easy to use, you can consider getting a door knocker. These come in various designs and materials, but the best ones are those made of heavy metal in polished and natural variants.

The choice and installation of the door knocker should be expertly handled to guarantee your door’s integrity and look are unaffected.


Plants in front of a nice entrance of a luxury house over outdoor landscape

Addition of planters in the path leading to your front door is one of the quickest alternatives for enhancing its look. You can include different colors and textures for flowers and plants on either side of your door. Some people opt to match the plant colors with that of their front door to have a coordinated look.

Moreover, the planters will also uplift the look of your entire front yard.


For most people, a door handle is just a functional element for opening and closing the door. Nowadays, door handles come in several designs and can be used to accessories your door and boost its overall look.

When opting for an exquisite design for your door’s handles, do not sacrifice the security of your property. It is thus essential to have an expert guide you on making the right handle design choice and install it to maximize your security.

The above accessories might not seem like they will have much of an impact on your home’s look. They nonetheless will make a significant impact on your entire exterior property’s look. You can opt to have the same installed for your garage door to make it stand out as well.


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