Types of Protective Coatings for Car Paint

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Cars and homes are the primary investments most people own. These call for a significant monetary investment, and it is only natural to take various steps to protect them. People will invest in insurance to mitigate the impacts of damage on their investments, and others will invest in aftermarket additions. One of the common additions is window tinting. Tinting windows protects you from harmful UV radiation when driving or relaxing in your house.

Car and home window tinting by experts in Salt Lake City also protects your upholstery from premature wear and boosts your privacy. You can nonetheless take your vehicle’s protection a step further with protective coatings for its paint. This gives you an extra protection layer against fingerprints, bird droppings, petrol spills, and weather elements. These might ordinarily fade or leave lasting smudges, stains, and scratches on your car’s paint that expose the metal to corrosive elements. Here are your car paint protective coating alternatives:

Carnauba Wax

This marks the leading protective element used in the automobile industry. The wax is harvested from palm trees that use it for their leaves’ protection. Carnauba wax is available in hardware stores with varying price ranges, depending on the percentage of wax in the products. High-quality wax contains at least 70% carnauba wax. While this protective coating has optimal UV protection for your paint, it will not hold up as well to chemical elements. Moreover, it has low melting points and might not be the best in places with high temperatures.

Synthetic Paint Sealant

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This protective coating features various base compounds with a polymer being the primary one. Since it is man-made, it is designed to hold up to multiple elements that might damage your car’s paint better than wax. Synthetic paint sealants have high melting points and stronger UV radiation and chemical resistance than wax. With their proper care, they can give you protection for at least six months. They come in varying gloss levels to boost the shine of your car’s paint.

Ceramic Coatings

These are among the latest protective products in the automobile sector. They are also called glass coatings owing to their chemical base that contains silica dioxide, a type of ceramic quartz used in glass. Ceramic coatings feature a high solid content. As such, on their application, they will form a shell on your paint rather than the light surface film seen in wax and synthetic paint sealants. These coatings last for years with proper care, are highly resistant to acids, chemicals, de-icing agents, and road grime. They are also easy to wash, and they can withstand extremely high temperatures.

Paint Protection Film

This is a thick film installed on cars to protect the paint from impact and rock chips. While in the past, these films would yellow, crack, and harden, they can now self-heal and are almost invisible. Paint protection is perfect for high-impact parts such as bumpers, mirrors, and the hood but can be used on the entire car.

Painting your car is no cheap venture. It thus makes sense to protect your paint with one of the products mentioned above. However, they should be professionally applied so that they protect, rather than affect, your paint.


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