When Does a Window Repair Make More Sense Than a Replacement?

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Window replacement is attractive to many British. These homeowners understand the absolute value of windows functionally and aesthetically. Although this project can be a costly proposition, no all causes for concern merit an upgrade.

More often than not, you just need to schedule a single or double glazing window repair in Bromley or whatever part of the U.K. you live in. A school of thought explains a repair can be more expensive per unit, but it is usually cost-effective or more viable than a total replacement.

If you are on the fence about choosing between the two projects, below are the signs indicating a repair is a right direction to take.

The Damage Is Isolated

We are not talking about minor damage here. Even if an entire glass unit is severely broken, you should still try to save it when the others are structurally sound.

Some window companies do not accept partial replacement while those that do may not agree to change just one. The cost of fixing a single problem unit, labor and replacement parts considered, may not be too far from that of a brand-new window, it will still pale in comparison to the grand total of buying several replacements for some perfectly good windows.

Your Windows Are Historic

If historic windows are in question, replacement should be your last resort. You will be hard-pressed to find a company that can manufacture made-to-order architecturally replicas despite advances in design customization.

It is understandable that some parts need to be changed due to weather damage or updated to comply with the latest building requirements, but a total replacement is the least sensible route to go.

If your broken windows are not beyond repair, pursue restoration. The bill may not be cheap, but spending a little more now lets you preserve your house’s value over the long term.

If some components must be replaced, at least strive to get the decorative details accurately. It can make the project trickier, but it is worth the trouble.

Your Windows Already Considered Safe

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The lack of safety features is a valid motivation for tackling a window replacement project. After all, glass units can be terrible hazards, especially if they have been around for decades.

But if your windows are relatively new, there is no reason to upgrade them too early. These architectural assets are supposed to grow with you, so it is not practical to get new ones every couple of years.

If the panes of your windows do not shatter into countless shards when they break, then you have nothing to worry about. Just get the faulty components fixed, and leave the rest intact and untouched.

You Enjoy Peace and Comfort

Contemporary windows contribute a lot to your house’s thermal and acoustic insulation. If your current damaged units are already energy-efficient by today’s standards and effectively keep your rooms quiet, just get their defects repaired and then leave them alone.

A window replacement can be costly and stressful, so do not be too quick to pull the trigger on it. Your current units may look tired, ridding your house of them completely is not the wisest decision when they still function properly.


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