When Is the Right Time for Home Renovation and Construction?

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For many people, as long as they have the budget for it, they can jump into a home renovation project in a blink of an eye. But this is not how you should go about renovating or remodeling your home. You need to think about the perfect timing to buy materials and hire laborers—the two major expenses of home improvement projects. So yes, renovating a home is more than just about the money. Timing is also an important factor to consider.

For example, most homeowners start their interior design projects in the winter or fall because it keeps them safely inside the house. For any external remodeling needed, most people will choose the summer season for that. Winter and fall are also best for outdoor renovations. Spring is a no-no for doing external construction because it rains a lot during this season. If you have roof problems, you better take care of that before spring.


This does not mean organize ala Marie Kondo. Organization when it comes to renovation involves planning what needs to be done. Far too often, homeowners jump into the renovation bandwagon because they see their neighbors doing it. They don’t stop to pinpoint what needs to be done in their homes. Is there asbestos that has to be removed before anything is done to the house? Is there a problem with the structure?

You can dive into a home renovation project without first securing two things: money and the house. House renovations involve a lot of money. Although you can do some projects on your own, you will still need to buy the materials and tools needed. At the most, you can apply for a home remodeling loan, though make sure you get good interest rates.

Pick the Season

Homeowners usually choose the summer season for their home renovation projects. This is, after all, the safest time to renovate your home’s exterior. There is no threat of snowstorms or typhoons. But in truth, the best time to remodel depends on the project you are planning. You should avoid doing the same projects just as when everyone else is doing it. Contractors tend to ask for more when their services are in-demand.

Have your windows replaced during spring because a lot of these projects happen in the summer. If you want a deck in your backyard, have it constructed during the winter. That way, your deck will also be ready for summer barbecues. Your neighbors, meanwhile, will only want to have this built during summer when the weather is great.

Understand Supply and Demand

One of the main factors of the rising costs of construction materials is the demand for them. People pay more for things when they are in demand. For example, winter clothes are cheaper when spring is about to set. They are more expensive in September when the cold season is about to set. Old car models are cheaper at the end of the year, too, because new models are being released in September and October.

When everyone else is renovating their homes, that’s not the right time to have yours remodeled, too. Wait for everyone else’s projects to finish before starting on your own. That way, it’ll also prevent the mix up of your orders.

You can also purchase the construction materials when they are at their lowest and then store those for when labor prices are lower. For example, you can buy deck materials by summer’s end because few people will want to build a deck in fall or winter. But since you’re gunning to save on materials and labor, why don’t you buy the materials when they are at their cheapest and then wait for the labor prices to go down, too?

home improvementContact the Contractor When They Are Not Busy

Why do you think bars and pubs have happy hours before dinnertime? Is it because they expect more customers to go during this time? No. They offer this because not many people go to a bar or pub pre-dinner. It’s a way of attracting customers who prefer to have dinner in peace rather than fight for seats during rush hour.

It’s the same way with contractors. Don’t call them when their projects are lined up. inquire about their services when they are not too busy. When is that? Definitely it’s not during the summer season when they are working on projects at the same time. To know when contractors aren’t too busy, you have to be in tune with the climate in your area, too.

For example, not too many construction projects are being done in Vermont during the winter. The ground is hard. It’s almost impossible to work through that. The best time to call a contractor is during the off-season, but that depends also on the climate and the availability of materials. Try to start negotiating with them before the main rush.

Knowing when to renovate your home is about the right timing. It’s also about planning it from top to bottom. You don’t want to be surprised by exorbitant fees because you weren’t clear during the negotiations.


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