When Your Power Lawn Mower Breaks Down: What to Do

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man using a lawn mower

Using power equipment is indispensable today in any industry. These tools are valuable in the completion of tasks. New Zealand’s booming economy has made the sale of power equipment go up, and many users and companies will depend on the consistency and efficiency of these tools.

For the simple homeowner, a lawnmower or a drill are essential power tools. Power equipment dealers know that there are instances when any tool can lose power or malfunction. Users should know the most common problems that they will have in a power tool.

Common Lawnmower Problems

Before you tackle the specific issue affecting your lawnmower, it is important to know the types of issues that affect these devices. Most of the failures revolve around fuel lines, spark plug components, and air filters. Some of the problems you may encounter are erratic engine operation, poor mulching of grass, uneven mowing, starting failure and engine idling.

Spark Plug Issues

Many problems could start from the spark plug, but they usually come from a dirty or loose plug. For a loose plug, the solution is relatively simple; take a ratchet wrench or a similar tool and tighten the component in the clockwise direction.

But if you have dirt around your plugs, you need to remove any debris in the area. Most of the time in a lawnmower, the debris includes oil and leaves. They affect the sparking ability of the component.

Before you remove the spark plug, wipe the area surrounding the plug with a clean cloth. Once you have unscrewed the plug with a wrench, clean it thoroughly using a combination of a plug cleaner and wire brush. In case you discover that the plug is defective, you need to find a good quality replacement.

Air Filter Problems

Continual clogging of the lawn mower air filter will eventually cause problems, most probably in the form of power loss. If the engine does not get an adequate amount of air, it fails to operate optimally. Apart from lost power, you can tell that your equipment is having air filtration issues from a rough-running engine and increased fuel consumption rate.

Often, the air filter is located underneath a metal or plastic cover. Once you remove the cover, you will be able to access the filter. In case it is damaged, it is time to get a replacement. Most people prefer to replace the filter instead of cleaning it because some particles on the old filter can be unmanageable.

Fuel Lines

man repairing a lawn mower

Sometimes, the lawnmower is faulty because of problems within the fuel system. In connection with this, you might need to clean the air pinhole or to replace the fuel line. Remember to observe safety when performing anything on the mower, and ask for professional assistance where necessary.

Having a few lawnmower repair tips on your fingertips can come in handy in terms of time and money savings. Adhering to a maintenance routine is the best way to keep your power equipment in good shape. As long as you use the right replacement parts, oil the moving parts, recharge batteries as required, and use a reputable technician, the issues will be minimal.


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