Which Garage Door Style Matches Your Home?

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Garage doors do more than just serve as an entry or exit point for vehicles. The right design will also complement your house nicely and add to its overall aesthetic appeal. To help homeowners choose the appropriate garage doors for either installation or repair, here are the different styles available not in Logan, Utah and other states.

Raised-Panel Door

Available in different kinds of materials, this design is the most common and is what comes to mind when thinking of a typical garage door. It features rectangular panels placed inside a frame, although more recent designs have the panels molded into the door instead.

Traditional-Style Door

Manufactured in either steel or wood, this style features panels closely fit together in an upright rectangular formation. It can complement a wide variety of house architectures, may it be American or European.

Carriage Door

carriage garage door

A popular design for most house types, this is normally found in old carriage houses. Using this for modern houses is also a surprisingly good choice, and can help your home stand out.

Contemporary Slab Door

The most modern leaning of designs, this style accommodates a wide variety of materials. One of its distinct features is the usage of tempered glass panels as well as an aluminum frame, which suits most contemporary homes well.

Besides the style, another factor that can contribute to the wow factor of your garage door is its opening mechanism. Some styles require a more advanced mechanism, while others can accommodate a wider variety of method of opening.

Sectional Garage Door

One of the most popular doors, this type divides the door panels by row with hinges and rolls it along the ceiling vertically upon opening or closing. The fully opened door then rests parallel to the ceiling, but a half-opened one also is no hassle due to attached cables that prevent it from drifting down.

Roll-Up Door

A cheaper and space-saving option, this type features 2”-3” flat sections of metal, which roll around a drum above the door’s opening. It is also made to be more durable and long-lasting to withstand rust, corrosion, and freezing.

Slide-to-the-Side Door

Similar to the sectional garage door, this door slides to the side instead of the ceiling, and is best for spaces with low headspace. The door panels rest on trolleys that slide along tracks, and can be operated automatically.

Side-Hinged Door

This type can be compared to an oversized door, and can be made of wood or steel. It is more appropriate for garages with small inside spaces but wider outside spaces, and can be a nice touch for houses that can accommodate it.

Tilt-Up/Up-and-Over Canopy Door

Instead of sectioned panels, this door consists of only a single panel that spins and moves to be parallel to the ceiling, extending past the garage when opened and providing a small awning. A large amount of front space is required in order to accommodate the door’s rotation.

The various designs and configurations a garage door can take may be daunting at first to the average person. But with the proper resources and appropriate help, your garage door can be a pleasant element that complements your front yard well.


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