Why Celebrations Still Matter: All Experiences Are Individual

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What’s special about the holidays when you make the same plans with the same people every year? It might feel like an obligation rather than celebration, especially if you’re handling taxing activities such as cooking and planning. Still, as each holiday season rolls around, the excitement builds up and you realize there’s nowhere else you’d rather be.

Why do you go through all the trouble of preparing for the holidays? The simple answer is because every celebration is unique.

Unlike Any Other Year

The overarching occasion might be the same, but what happens each year is different. This year at Christmas, you could have smartphone controlled Christmas lights, which you didn’t have last year. You might also prepare a different dish, one your guests haven’t tried before or haven’t tried in a while. Other aspects of the celebration might also be changed, such as the location or theme. Everyone could decide to spend it on a holiday destination or at someone else’s house. There’s also something unexpected that might happen each year. You don’t want that fight between your siblings to happen again, and thankfully, they don’t have to, because this year, the two can make up and spread cheer.

Watching the Passing of Time

When you see people every day, it’s easy to miss the signs of change surrounding them and your relationship with them. They might not be the person you knew last year, but because you’re used to their presence, there’s no sudden change that happens in front of your eyes. Celebrations bring together people who haven’t seen each other for quite some time, and they will be able to point out the differences. This might prompt you to see the changes yourself, which will be helpful if the changes are negative and need intervention.

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As sad as it is to think about the changes in the family, especially because you may have lost people along the way, it helps keep the connection alive and keeps everyone grounded. This is why people feel nostalgic when someone takes out the photo albums and starts talking about childhood memories.

You Need Support

Even if it’s a simple celebration, the presence of people who are important to you will lift up your spirits. You need this not just during the holidays; when it feels like everything in your life is going horribly wrong, you need these established events to remind you that everything will be alright. They tell you that some things still remain the same, and the people who love you will not go anywhere. Seeing your siblings once a year might be enough for you to remember that you have people to call when you feel like you can’t handle what life has thrown your way. And rest assured, they’re going to be there if you say the word.

Although it feels tedious to go through yet another family celebration for the holidays, these are the foundations that make your life stable. Enjoy each year and celebrate with the people who have been there with you through the years.


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