Why is My Home Remodel Project Taking So Long?

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If you have already hired a full-service contractor to remodel your home in Fort Wayne, know this: there’s a chance that the project will have some kind of delays. While it’s very reasonable to expect that your remodel will go on as planned by your contractor, there’s still the possibility that you will hit some snags.

These are for various reasons that even your contractor can’t predict or fix right away. The only way to approach this is to prepare yourself and understand why the following delays might arise.

Fickle Weather

This is undoubtedly the most unpredictable cause of delay. Fickle weather and rainy days can, without a doubt, impact exterior work. For instance, your contractor plans to paint your siding on Wednesday, but then you wake to find that it’s raining, which means that there’s no way to do the paintwork today.

Rainy days also impact concrete work. You can’t pour concrete when it’s raining because concrete requires lots of time to cure, meaning that it should be as dry as possible. So even if you try your best to work around the rain, delays are sometimes unavoidable.

Also, weather is likewise very dependent on your location so your contractor will likely have a plan in place to work around different weather conditions.

Delays in Obtaining Necessary Permits

Majority of cities require specific permits and inspections from the local housing or building department for remodeling projects. Many different reasons can delay the permitting and inspection process, and being understaffed is one of them.

For instance, if your remodeling plans have to be inspected by someone from your local council but the council only employs one or two reviewers tasked to review 40 projects between them, you can expect your project to be delayed – we’re talking a couple of weeks here.

Another common cause for the holdup is trying to obtain permits, but lacking the necessary plans and paperwork required by the local council.

Unanticipated Back Orders and Lead Times

Lead times on things like custom cabinetry, lighting fixtures, and others could take weeks or months depending on where they’re coming from. This means that if the contractor is pushing you to decide on things as soon as possible, the reason for this is that he’s trying to avoid delays due to back orders and customization.

Preexisting Conditions

getting termites

All unexpected issues such as termite damage, rot, or water damage will require work before you can go ahead with the actual remodeling schedule. However, it’s the hidden damages that you need to be prepared for as these can add several weeks to your schedule.

Put simply, it is perfectly normal to expect that your contractor gives you the most realistic yet accurate remodeling schedule. However, it is likewise vital to accept that there will be delays you or the contractor couldn’t have predicted.

All contractors, regardless of experience, reputation, and skill level, could fall victim to water damage, permit delays, inclement weather, and back orders. So keep in mind that this is entirely normal, and yes, your remodeling project will most likely be delayed, but it’s all going to be finished in the end.


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