Window Replacement: Unconventional Ways to Get More Value Out of It

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It is wrong to consider a window replacement an investment in the Beehive State. Yes, high-quality vinyl windows in Utah can lower your utility bills over the long term and contribute to weather protection, but their financial benefits end there. The government has not restored the tax credits for an energy-efficient window upgrade, so there is less incentive to do it now.

Nevertheless, you can still receive more for less when tackling this project. Below are the strategies shrewd homeowners use to get more value out of their money when buying new windows.

Hire a Full-Service Company

Smart homeowners do not DIY window installation, but practical ones hire a full-service contractor. A company that does everything start to finish provides reliable warranty protection. With only one party to deal with, you can easily hold your contractor accountable for either or both manufacturing defects or craft errors.

Furthermore, a full-service company promises more material and labor savings. Shouldering all of the tasks necessary to carry out window replacement gives them more business, enabling them to offer more competitive bids.

Get Industry-Leading Warranties

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Window warranties are not equal. All of them can cover replacement components and labor, but not all of them are as comprehensive and lengthy as the best ones.

Read the warranty agreement before you sign on the contract. Considering how much you will be spending to get a complete set of new windows, protecting your purchase from manufacturing, material, and installation-related issues for a long time matters.

Moreover, make sure all of your warranties are transferable. Home warranty transferability can increase the perceived value of your property. In case you decide to move and sell your house, you can command a higher asking price, for you can pass down the warranties to the next owner of your residence as long as they are not past expiration.

A study revealed that properties for sale backed by a home warranty spend less time on the market and get sold for thousands more.

Pay With a Credit Card

Generally, it is ill-advised to use an unsecured debt to fund any home improvement. Without collateral, a lender will charge higher interest to make up for the higher risk.

However, buying replacement windows with plastic can earn you attractive rewards and discounts. If your credit card is new, a window replacement is big enough of a purchase to chase a sign-up bonus, giving you plenty of credit card points or flyer miles.

Although you can pay in installments, using your credit card makes sense if you do not need a long payoff period. The faster you can repay your credit card debt, the less interest you have to pay.

Refinance Your Mortgage

If you have been thinking about tapping the home equity you have built on your property, a window replacement is an excellent way to spend the money you can unlock. New windows can increase the value of your property, and this project is considered a capital improvement, which will lower your capital gains tax when you sell your property.

While a cash-out mortgage refinance will increase your principal, it can give you the chance to snag a lower rate or switch to a shorter term to ultimately save on interest. Of course, this option is sensible only when you plan to stay put in the foreseeable future.

Take time to study the financial side of window replacement. If you give it the attention it deserves, you can keep your budget from becoming a disaster and get more bang for your buck.


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