Alone but Not on Your Own: Working at Home During a Crisis

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For some time there, Americans thought the economy is back on top. It would seem that the Fourth of July celebrations this year heralded a new age without the virus. We celebrated and believed we’re on our way to economic recovery. But it was short-lived.

Now, we’re again preoccupied with the new infections. Despite the presence of vaccines, the Delta variant, a more sinister version of the COVID-19 virus, is pounding us. Worse, it’s infecting portions of the population that were otherwise safe before. Top of that list is our youth. They are hit hard these days.

All that tells you, keeping a work-from-home (WFH) job may be the best way to overcome this hump. Already, most North American corporations have implemented remote work as a timely answer to the risks posed by the virus.

However, as happy as you may be about the prospects of a WFH job, it’s never a walk in the park. To a large extent, it’s a conflict of interest. The home isn’t exactly the most conducive place to work.

Lucky for you, an expert take on the matter should bid you well. With proper guidance, you should get work done without robbing everyone in your household of their precious home.

Set a Home Workspace

There’s a reason you get to be as productive as can be in the office. Everything is set towards that goal. You have just the right lighting, working phones, the Internet, and everything you need to finish work. On the other end of the spectrum, a home’s main agenda is to keep everyone under one roof safe and sound. In short, working can take a back seat.

Therefore, it’s important that you set things up right to get your working environment in order. The advantage is you won’t need to ask your boss if you can have the corner to hold office. As it’s your precious abode, you can position yourself best.

Bear in mind that having a dedicated home office with a door is best. That way, you can set yourself away from all the happenings in the house and focus on the job at hand.

Additionally, a working air conditioning unit should bid you well, especially during these hot summer days. Know that the right ambient temperature matters. Ample cooling certainly boosts your productivity when working during the summer days. But it’s not just you. Your PC works best with minimal heat.

Too much heat in the environment can lead PCs to overheat, especially with numerous computers lumped together. It’s exactly the reason cooling a data center is essential. Without maintaining the right operating temperatures, computers and mainframes in a data center can easily fry.

Additionally, know how you can make your home office functional. The problem might be if your space is challenged, such as living in a one-bedroom apartment. Well, there’s also a solution for that.

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The Right Technology

Keep your home office free of clutter but outfit it with the right tools. Simple touches such as a framed photograph or a plant can go a long way in keeping you focused.

More importantly, invest in technology that can help you achieve more in less time. By now, you should know that as aesthetically pleasing as a tablet or an iPad is, laptops and desktops are the best workhorses you can get. So, aim to better your ride with them. For one, a Bluetooth mouse and keyboard can go a long way in helping you boost productivity.

And yes, you’d be doing yourself a disservice if you don’t explore Zoom. There’s a reason the mobile app has become the #1 videoconferencing app in America during the pandemic. Take note that it’s user-friendly, and its video and audio are off the charts.

Focus and Productivity

Having a functional home office is one thing; making yourself productive every day is another. If you want to boost your productivity, know what habits are for highly effective people.

Know that you’re going to feel distracted at the onset working from home. It’s definitely a tumultuous time. Over 75% of people admit their productivity is aggravated by home distractions and negative news about the pandemic.

Here’s a good start. List down everything you need to accomplish for the day. Schedule your breaks and time to recharge. That can be your “me” time to go out and exercise. You must learn self-care. Just like any machine, if you don’t take good care of yourself, your productivity plummets.

Say no to distractions in your working time. Research shows it takes about 23 minutes for a person to get back on track once distracted. So put off social media and Slack in the meantime. If you want work done, focus is the name of the game.


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