Workplace Redesigning: Beyond Employee Productivity

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Without a doubt, having employees that actively engage in the day-to-day activities in your workplace is among the essential assets you can have as an organisation. It is their work productivity that translates into high profits, better customer engagement, and improved brand image. You do not need telling to know that such a level of productivity stems from employee motivation. Well, you can achieve that in many ways, including using better incentives, performance recognition, and skill training. But besides improving work productivity by directly engaging your employees, you can create a workplace environment that they will always feel at their best while working.

And well, that right there takes way more than just adding any furniture piece and changing interior designs and colors. It will require your active involvement in the entire workplace redesigning and fit-out project management. But engaging in this office design process will involve a couple of elements:

Aligning your design projects with your business

You can approach business alignment in various aspects. But when evaluating your workplace design for employee productivity, understanding the drivers of your business is a critical step. Ideally, that is because the success of your company depends on the performance of other stakeholders, too. So banking it solely on your employees’ productivity will prove to be limiting in the long run. Factor in suggestions from your business partners. Actively learn and engage how your customers interact with your business.

Inquire from potential clients how best they would want your workplace to look. If your workplace has walk-in customers, every decision you make should consider their reaction to the design changes that you will make. So every input from each of your stakeholders will matter here.

Considering your business vision and objectives


Check whether the design strategy that you plan to run the workplace redesign on respects and follows that. It will keep your business focused on building a brand that customers can relate to over the years. One of the easiest, quickest and excellent ways of drawing brand reputation and integrity is from having a single office design model for all the branches of your company. It improves visibility and customers can relate with business irrespective of the branch location. Such an approach will also help your business gain a solid franchise reputation as it is easy for new customers to relate to your products and services.

So new customers to your new franchise will not even inquire who is running that franchise. If the workplace or office design has been uniform in all your business branches, customers cannot differentiate between franchises and the branches.

Work with the right team

It is not easy to develop a project management strategy that will work for you and still meet your stakeholders’ needs satisfactorily. You will require building and working with a team that has the skills and experience in workplace redesigning. But even without the skills and experience, one key person in this team is you. You understand your business vision, mission, and values. You know how well your brand communicates. You know your employees best. And you know the fit-out specialists that will best help you roll out a workplace design with a perpetually positive impact.


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