Signs That You Desperately Need Professional Deep Cleaning

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There is a big difference between cleaning the house and deep cleaning the house. With deep cleaning, you have to clean the places you have never even thought to clean before. You also have to deal with the deep-seated dirt, grime, and scum that have managed to seep into surfaces for the past few months (or years!). But sometimes, deep cleaning the house yourself is not feasible—not when you have only two hands and a standard set of cleaning equipment.

In this case, you may need to call in the pros for help. However, paying for professional cleaning can take quite a bit of money out of your budget—so how do you know if the investment will be worth it?

Here are the signs that you should consider:

The house hasn’t been deep cleaned in ages

The longer your house goes without a deep cleaning, the more dirt and grime you will have to scrub out. So, if your house hasn’t been deep cleaned in ages, save your sanity and call in a professional deep cleaning service instead of tackling the job yourself.

Professional cleaners have the skills and tools to clean your house better than you could. They can do it in just a few hours instead of the days that it will take if you clean by yourself. Furthermore, if you need special cleaning for, let’s say, your carpets, a carpet cleaning service is much better able to remove deep-seated dirt than your regular vacuum cleaner can.

You are too busy

You’re busy working, taking care of the family, running errands, and doing a million other things—how can you possibly fit deep cleaning into that schedule? Although some people may say that you have to “make time,” it is simply not possible for most of us. If this is the case for you, don’t feel guilty about calling in a professional cleaning service—being too busy is already a valid excuse.

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You have allergies

If you are allergic to dust, cleaning agents, or mould, it may be unsafe for you to handle deep cleaning tasks on your own. When deep cleaning, you would likely encounter a lot of dust and use multiple cleaning products. You can wear PPE (personal protective equipment), but it’s better not to risk your health if you are particularly sensitive to household allergens.

Call a professional deep cleaning service instead. Better yet, vacate the house while they are cleaning so that you don’t come into contact with allergens that get swept up in the air.

The house has mould

As soon as you find mould in the house, contact mould removal services immediately. Some deep cleaning services offer mould removal, but not all will, so be sure that the company you also hire tackles mould.

While mould may not be highly dangerous, it can cause negative health effects, especially in extensive mould contamination. Mold also indicates that there is a moisture problem in the house. That may mean that there is mould growth and water damage in other parts of the house. The sooner you address the problem, the sooner you can find what is causing the mould in the first place.

You have a pest infestation

If you have a pest infestation, tackle that problem first. Afterwards, hire a deep cleaning service to help ensure that it doesn’t happen again.

Pests are attracted to dirt, food residue, trash, and other sorts of filth. Even if your house is visibly clean, there may be nooks and crannies that make great habitats for rodents and insects (behind the oven, underneath heavy furniture, in basement corners, etc.). A deep cleaning service can help you find these areas and make them uninhabitable for pests, helping you prevent another infestation from reoccurring.

You are recovering from an illness or injury

Keeping your house clean can be difficult—or sometimes, downright impossible—while you are recovering from an illness or injury. Suppose the chores have piled up and you’re still not fit to tackle them. In that case, hire a deep cleaning service to take care of the standard cleaning jobs. Plus, they can do the deep cleaning tasks that would have otherwise taken you forever to accomplish.

If these signs apply to you, take them as your go signal to hire a professional deep cleaning service. Although you may feel a little guilty since you can (probably) do it yourself, don’t forget that we all need a little help sometimes. Plus, having professional deep cleaners clean your home may mean you wouldn’t have to deep clean it for months to come—which is another big advantage.


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